Jan. 29th, 2012

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I finished watching "Sherlock". I really liked it. Episode 4 was... brilliant. And cute. The last episode annoyed me. I caught the clues in the episode... and I have something of an idea of what happened... but still.

Now I'm watching "Warrior Baek Dong Soo".

But, cmccrzy, you should be doing homework!

I did some of it. I'm just taking an extended break while the little voice in my head screaming "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK I'M GOING TO DO" is reeeeeally really small.

I kind of don't get what's going on in this show. Here's what I think: So there's this Korean dynasty of some sort, and there's this upstart Crown Prince of some sort (maybe not an upstart) who destroys some old monument to mark his future reign. Possibly as a threat to the current emperor. This could also have possibly been a failed coup of some sort. Or seen that way, anyway. His right hand warrior (of some sort) is able to take the fall for this, and gets beheaded. His family will also take the blame (I'm guessing as an extension of honor and such; also... they're not nobility, maybe? Although they're clearly wealthy/upper-class) and be like... obliterated. The family relationships are also confusing me, so it's not helpful. The sword-saint guy is warrior's brother (he calls the wife sister-in-law) and... the rough-looking funny guy is either his other brother or the wife's brother. So... some officials go to the home of this family to collect the pregnant wife (and maybe brother, if that's who he is) and are fought off. More soldiers go, and the sword-saint fights them off long enough for the pregnant wife and two aids to get away.

And then there's this loony comic relief character who is very weird and seems to like trying to eat metal. He's kind of... I don't get him at all.

Swordmaster Kim Gwang Taek - that's the sword-saint. And who said I couldn't learn names? He's kind of a badass.

Who's the woman who's like maybe an assassin? She's in love with either Taek or that dude this subber is in love with who's Taek's friend. So wiki says she's involved with Taek AND Cheon. Go lady.

This would probably be easier to understand if I had a graph, but I prefer ranting.

Sorry, I just... -snerk- Um... I'm just gonna laugh for a bit... Sorry, over-dramatic love scene thing going on.

There's the whole "going back on my word since I'm so high-up" scenario.

Why it's Yeo Woon... the sexy guy. Well... who's going to be sexy once he's not still supposed to be like twelve or thirteen. he's really good at looking like a spaz.

Yeah, the assassin leader dude is pretty hot. This must be admitted. I think, reading from the wiki, that his name is Cheon.

At a certain point, with as many interesting characters as exist in this show, one must question whether knowing the plot is important.

But without the plot, I have no freaking idea what the heck is going on. Everything just seems random. I don't know how Yeo Woon is connected to the others. Is he Taek's nephew? I thought his father was Taek's father... but is this maybe another brother?

So I know that I'm going to like this... but now I also want to see Lee Soo Hyuk in Deep Rooted Tree. He's simply amazing, from all the stuff my friend has shown me.

My friends were right! These dramas are a disease! Once you start, you can't stop!

I actually doubt that. I'll finish this one, watch Deep Rooted Tree, and maybe Princess's Man, and then I'll be done. If I can ever even get that far.

... Yeah, that's not gonna happen. With luck, I'll get halfway through this series before what extra stuff I've started this semester just ends and I start studying for real. And possibly going to LSAT classes.


And I'm done. Ta.


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