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So this shall be the rant that will hopefully cure my inability to write a 2-3 page short story on a Utopia or Dystopia of my own creation.

It's not even a difficult concept. I could make up something where humans are being ruled by evil/benevolent bunny overlords who make us farm nothing but carrots and sleep in open fields at night.

But that's my problem. I risk being cliche, mimicking things we've read in class, or coming so completely out the blue that I risk not getting credit because my professor will say "yeah, right. Take your next assignment more seriously."

I've done all the things that are supposed to inspire you. I started re-watching Voyager (yes, again) over the weekend. I picked up Supernatural again today and took care of a couple episodes. I finished my book for class and started reading "The Fault in Our Stars", which is amazing. I'm eating it up. I wonder if my lack of inspiration is karma for not starting on the next class book. Or not writing either of the two essays I need to write.

I actually thought of doing something with traffic and ques. Maybe creating a society that wouldn't have those things (note, being in traffic at the time helped with this line of thought). That line of thought led me back to what my professor had said about police states... so I decided "well, I like rules... what if I took that a big leap farther and made a police state? I already have some stories that are based in police states (or could be, anyway) and were just never given full explanations.

So I took one of them... and kind of made it more evident that the protagonist is the victim of speaking out. Admittedly, the "story" is now an actual STORY and not an idea... heck, it's probably even written better (I'll never really know; I wrote the original idea down in a journal that I lost on my school bus years ago)... but it's not... specific enough. I don't quite know what it was she spoke up against... and I have no idea why the place is bad. The only good thing about it is that it's relatively clear that she said something and didn't actually do any thing... so this government just kills people who oppose them in even minor ways by just speaking. I don't even think that's clear. I'm writing for myself again.

I'd love to make something up. Originally (when I got to the problem), it was going to be about the fact that there's been some nuclear holocaust of some kind and she was upset that no one was talking about how there was nowhere else on the planet to go. Unfortunately, there are an infinite number of problems with this. 1) This has not been brought up before in the story. While this has been used as a story-telling technique, I hadn't prepared for it, and I don't feel like this is what they're planning to KILL her for. I get that crazy people and crazy regimes do crazy things. But I don't get why they'd kill people who commented on the skyline ending after a mile or three once in a lifetime. I'd need to build up a legit reason for that. And the closest I can think of is the short story we read last week, which is basically where this is heading.

I'd fix pollution, but we've read two stories where that's been one of the key issues. I'd go after smokers, but that's just... too small.

Also, Harry Kim is a badass. I never realized this, but he definitely is. NERDS RULE! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY KNOW HOW TO KICK YOUR ASS!

I think I could fix the story. It's very clear that the protagonist is resigned to her fate (she knows she's committed a crime), and both principal characters are aware that the speaker on the other end of the line is under duress and being forced to talk to her. He's afraid to talk to speak because he could put his family in danger, and she doesn't want to endanger him and his family.

I have to wonder: does it matter that we know what she said? It's implied that there's a police state. Pretty strongly. Clearly, it's not a secret about what happens when people go against the rules. Bad things with a capital D. Maybe if I implied that the police state was created to end pollution or something. The problem is that it reminds me of the other short stories I read if I take that road...

I feel bad. Bellanna doesn't get a hug. Harry Kim is a happy little puppy.

This honestly should not be hard. I can be artsy. I can be short. I'M VASTLY OVERTHINKING THIS....


Heck, the protagonist ends up killing herself using... well, it's interesting, rather than getting shot and knocked out a window, or left in a bloody heap in a corner of her office. The problem is that she dies "free". Free of what? A police state without a cause (well, a rebel without a cause, anyway)? That's what this is... a rebel without a cause. Ugggh I created a Mary Sue, didn't I? That's what I did. But she's... I mean that means she's amazing at everything. She's not... I don't even have the faintest idea what her job is. She lost her only known possible love interest to another woman, possibly through neglect in the relationship on her part. She has a bad habit that makes her friends leery. She's stubborn, which has helped lead to her downfall (and eventual death). Certainly, at this point, you have no idea what she's "fighting" for. So the only real like you could have for her is a sort of tragic like. You know something bad is going to happen relatively early in the story... but that's about it.

I think it's hilarious how they're making fun of set design by making this episode of Voyager where the ship configuration gets screwed up. Also, I really want this BellanaxTorres thing to start up.

I'm looking at these other entries, and they are significantly shorter than what I have. I can't accomplish what I need to accomplish in this story in the amount of text that's available (typically) for this assignment. So I just need a new idea. I like that I've developed this story more. Maybe I can make something out of it at a future date.

But I need something else. I have an idea. I'll start it, take a shower, and finish what I can while my hair dries.



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