Mar. 9th, 2012

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Well, book 2 of the series (or book 7 of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, really) was as good as the rest of the series. Maybe better, in fact. The characters were just fun and the story was great.

So I've been meaning to watch "Battlestar Galactica" (the new series) for ages... since the craze it had when it came out...

Whatever. If I don't like it, I'll write up some extra credit. It looks interesting. Complex. Sci-fi-ish, even, one might say.

Actually, it looks like that really advanced planet in Stargate ages ago that was destroyed in like season 5 or something.

So anyway, Son of Neptune was really good. I loved it. I'm back on Inheritance now. Only about 720 pages or so to go in the next three days. Big Whoop.

Inheritance is, well... it's not a surprise. The writing is... well... it's okay. The story... not so much. I keep getting the urge to punch something every time I see a gender reference about how women are weaker or how there are gender spheres or something. Or ridiculous things the characters have to do. For instance "Yes, other warriors with more training and experience with siege warfare are available for me to send, but you're lucky. Even if you do have issues following orders rather frequently. So I'm going to send you. Oh, I'm also not going to send you with any special wards. And you have to make a week's journey in four days. And I want to take down the besieged city in a week's time - that week includes your travel time."

... My only question: is Paolini's sole experience with siege warfare WoW pvp? Sieges can take MONTHS. Weeks at least, but typically months. Not a singular week. Unless you bring in bombs. Bombs are always good for siege warfare. As are cannons (note, the advent of the cannon was the death of the castle). For example, in Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of Tolkien's "The Two Towers", there was a siege. A siege which was mainly broken due to a BOMB. Last I recall, the Varden do not have bombs or cannons. Nasuada also does not want to destroy the cities and kill all the civilians. So I figure that if they had something nuke or cannon-comparable (like, say... Saphira, at least on the cannon side; oh, wait, she won't even BE there, and she's the only dragon they have), they would not use it ANYWAY. And since throwing axes at a wall is going to do diddly squat unless that axe happens to be ogre-sized, there's not much the Varden can really do. Last I recall, ogres don't exist in the Alagaesia universe. Yet another siege in Two Towers against Saruman's tower was broken by Ents. Alagaesia doesn't have those either, last I recall. In Tamora Pierce's Tortall universe, in book four of the Immortals series, there was a siege. I forget against who, but I recall that it had been going on for quite some time. It was never broken. The enemy fighters did, however, send in quite a number of, well... immortals. The only way the defenders fought back was with a) magic (which it sounds like the defenders here have a great deal of, and the attackers do not) and well... yeah, just magic. A shitload of magic. Or there's the Peter Jackson version of "The Return of the King", which was similar in concept, although the only real magic they had in defense was Gandalf. The attackers also used a magical (evil) battering ram.

Oh, right. They don't have Saphira. Or Eragon. or Arya. Pooh.

Eight hundred soldiers. And golden boy's clone brother. And one mage. Oh, sorry, "magician". For siege warfare. THEY GOT DIS!


Another way to break a siege is the rather famous version: the Trojan Horse in Troy. So, either they can convince the defenders of Aroughs (the city the Varden are attempting to take) to come outside for some reason, or convince them to accept some sort of giant present that could take a great deal of time to build and a lot of material to make. Neither of which they seem to have. Also note, from what I can recall, the siege on Troy took years. That includes travel time, seeing as they had sea voyages to get anywhere.

Now, my other big issue with the story thus far is the birth of Elain's child. Besides the fact that Eragon, after a long hard battle (if he's as tired as Nasuada says he was) should really not be doing physical surgery on a baby. Besides the fact that I don't recall him having the deep biological knowledge to handle anything on par with what he was supposed to be doing. In point of fact, I don't recall most medieval civilizations having that type of knowledge. Daine, in Tamora Pierce's Tortallan universe, is the only fictional person in a semi-equal universe (ignoring the fact that Tamora Pierce is a writer on an entirely different aka better plane than Paolini, with a far-better developed universe and cast of characters) with that much knowledge, having been TAUGHT that knowledge. Having been trained to use that knowledge. Daine had GODLY help. Eragon has INTUITION. Former farm-boy who's just-that-special who himself states that he's lacking education can suddenly perform complicated surgery on infants?

Oh right. He can cure cancer. And he has magic. And a deux ex machina for a mount. I forget these things, sometimes. That all just happens.

Back to Battlestar Galactica:

Yay! Rampant sex scenes! Whoopee! It's cute, though, I guess. Since I recognize at least some of these people, I know there's angst involved. The storyline is off, though. The planet is destroyed? There is a planet? What?

DRAMA. OH THE DRAMA. I like it. No, wait. It's boring. Well... yeah, it has potential. I like it. I like it a lot. And uh... yeah, there's a lot of making out. Rules out the window, apparently. And there's two people making out in front of a kid. Jeez, really?

Something I've learned from watching too much TV and too many movies. If you are strangling someone... keep strangling them. Do not punch them in the stomach. Do not throw them across the room. Do not drop them. Just keep strangling them. Because that way they will die. Otherwise, they will probably not.

I'm impressed, actually. It doesn't look too bad. The problem with this is that I have a billion other things to do.

I'm not so impressed with Twelve Kingdoms. It's only episode 2, though, so... who knows? It could improve a lot.



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