Mar. 27th, 2012

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And then... we heard the news... the news that there will likely be a fifth book.

And then the rejoicing bubble burned into a little crisp and was never heard from again.

Siiigh. I ended up spending five and a half hours reading to get that book returned on time. If it were any book other than the Inheritance Cycle, My Little Pony, and Smeyer books, then I would not have minded in the slightest. I even had my cats wandering around, sitting on me, purring, being cute... But there's only so much bad writing that you can take.

Whatever. It's done.

For now, anyway. Maybe it'll take him another ten years to finish that book.

So anyway, I went back to watching Supernatural... mostly because I'm concerned that my friend will catch up to me and get ahead of me. And because I should finish it some time. I was less ahead than I thought. So I'm now like... I need 32 episodes to get up to date, since it looks like season 7 is complete.

I think Padalecki liked being "evil" so much that he wanted to be evil for half a season. Or something. He was good at it. Ish.

There's also a lot of funny moments in this season so it's been nice.

I find it amusing that it sounds like both the Percy Jackson books and Supernatural are waking Gaea up.

And I'm done.

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I never thought about this before.

Yes, I am aware that there are a great number of things I have never thought of before. A decent thesis for my Lit Analysis theoretical essay is one of them.

So two versions of the Snow White myth are coming out on film in the near future: "Mirror, Mirror" and "Snow White & the Huntsman." <<<Look! See that there! I totally used punctuation like my professors want me to.

Anyway, these two version are coming out. And like everyone has commented, of the many, many available folk tales, fairy tales, and myths out there, Hollywood had to pick the same one twice? Seriously? You know what I would love to see? A film version of "The Girl With the Silver Hands." Or "East of the Sun and West of the Moon." I'm pretty sure that film versions of at least the first story don't exist. I could be wrong on that note. I don't know about the second. But nothing comes to mind. They could do a Hercules movie. Yeah, they had that series back in the 90s or so, but that's not all that recent. And then they had the Disney version. Why not try a live-action if they're so stuck on it? They could do a version of the "The Story of the Youth Who Went to Learn What Fear Was". That would be cool to see. Although we have the Disney version (which I loved), a live-action, re-imagined "Sleeping Beauty" would be really cool. Maybe in Disney's Rapunzel style, with a powered-up Aurora/Beauty/whatever her name is. Maybe have it in space, like that really neat artist at Katsucon thought. They could do a re-imagined "Hansel and Gretel" or, heck, even a "Jack and Jill" story would be cool. They could do a "Twelve Princesses" movie, if only to one-up the Barbie version.

I know this much. I have seen at least two versions of the "Swan Princess" story: the WB version and the Barbie version. I'm familiar with two versions of "Red Riding Hood" (the old WB cartoon and the recent movie I never saw). I've seen two versions of "Thumbelina": the WB version and the Barbie version I never saw. I've also read about four different versions. I've seen at least four versions of "A Christmas Carol": the recent 3-D Disney movie, the Jetsons and Flintstones version, and the Barbie version (which I never finished). I've also seen the play and half of an old live action version. And yet I have never actually read the book. Jeez. I have read Charles Dickens before though... can't say I actually look forward to the experience.

My point is mixed. Firstly, that retrying the same old story is rather normal behavior for us.

But also that it's rather hard to get right. The first Thumbelina version I saw with the nice singing and the fun songs and the... rather numerous sexual innuendos and such was good. The Barbie version just looked plain stupid. Then again, it's Barbie. Where do you start with finding problems with Barbie? The WB Swan Princess was beautiful. If... rather insulting, as a woman. I loved the music, anyway. The Barbie version? Uhhh...

I think that we should stop deriding the industry wholesale. After all, they are trying. And some of the re-imaginings are interesting, like Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" or their "Rapunzel", which I rather liked.

And clearly, out of the pile of failures that is the industry's attempt to re-imagine these things, along with the extremely low success rate, it is rather hard to do this right. It's hard to make something good. It's easy to make something bad.

No, that's not the thought that I never thought of before. If I had never thought of that before, I would have tried publishing the drivel I wrote back in 6th grade.

It is hard to make a right decision. To get a decent story. To make something beautiful. I guess I should respect their decision to do something like this at all. Snow White & The Huntsman... while featuring Kristen Stewart and with a questionable plot with random battles in recent Robin Hood fashion apparently... may have potential. The effects look neat. Mirror, Mirror could be funny.

I guess I should take comfort in that fact. That it's hard. But it's worth the try.

In the meantime, back to Supernatural.


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