Apr. 4th, 2012

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I watched the movie. It wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be (it was actually quite depressing). But it's watched. And hey, there's still the music video, which is still awesome.

I went back to Grimm and I'm almost up-to-date. I find my interest frequently flagging. I get the central concept. One of the big problems with cop shows is that cops can't grill people endlessly and beat them up (we have lawyers that stop that). Cops need warrants to go into homes. They can't just do whatever they want. If they ARE doing whatever they want, then there's a problem. Those laws exist for a purpose. While they can frequently get in the way of policework, they exist to protect people. Shows with cops beating up suspects in the station without penalty could possibly be realistic somewhere, but that's not the way the system is supposed to work. The police could get sued by someone they beat up or violated the rights of. Cops could lose their badges. Also, illegally obtaining evidence nullifies its value. There's no real way to verify where it came from - it could have been put there just to convict someone.

So the premise in Grimm is that there is a cop (the Grimm) who has two jobs: being a police detective and being a Grimm. The Grimm does not have the same inhibitions as the cop. He can investigate, threaten, trespass, gather evidence, and even kill without real punishment. This is a cop with more than dramatic license to do what he wants. He still sticks to the law... for the most part. I'm actually very confused because his partner, Hank, keeps breaking the law and entering buildings without permission from the residents, warrants, or significant reason (or whatever it's called - I think you still need a warrant for that). Hank is not a Grimm or a mythical creature (as far as we know, anyway, and we have no reason to conclude that he is one). He's just a cop.

I find it amusing that people ARE getting annoyed at Nick's lack of control. He's uncovering a lot of dirty laundry in the mythical creature department, and he's not going away. I guess that if he were moving around more often, it wouldn't be such a problem. But since he lives in the town, he's just staying in one place and uncovering everything there. Clearly, Grimms need to show restraint, too. Although it's another of those "we're evil, and we kill people. You retaliated and killed one of us - now you have to die." It sounds ridiculous, but it's a frequent trope in a number of stories. I love how the "you started killing us first! We were protecting ourselves!" thing never gets answered properly. It typically turns into a "well, you're just cattle" or "I own you" response. I understand that this is the whole "who started it/feud" concept, and humans have always had a problem with this. "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind."

I'm still confused, though. I guess that the reason these creatures have been allowed such free reign is because of the lack of Grimms in the world to keep them under "control." Because otherwise, they should be used to the policing. Unless we're going into the "people who want to eradicate the Grimms so we can get on with our lives like we want" storyline.


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