Apr. 16th, 2012

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So I was vastly productive this weekend. Watched all of "Once Upon a Time"... cause that was a great way to spend my time!

I did get inspiration for re-writing that short story I have to turn in my final portfolio from watching it so... it's not all that bad. And I really like the show. The story (at least the fantasy side) is pretty awesome. And there's lots of hot guys on the show so... eheh. And Robert Carlyle (who plays Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold) is simple AMAZING. I liked him on SGU (Dr. Rush), but he just shines here. Lana Parrilla (who plays the Evil Queen/Regina) is also pretty good. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Morrison (the protagonist) or Mary Margeret Blancherd (Snow White's RL personality), but otherwise, the cast is pretty decent all around.

So I was watching a video on YouTube and they had an advertisement for some game called Prototype 2 or something and the song in the background was "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails (originally). But this was the famous cover version by Johnny Cash (at least I think it's famous). It was popular enough to make the band stop playing it on tour because it simply wouldn't be as good as Cash (according to YouTube, anyway).

Anyway, I liked the song but I remembered hearing it somewhere else (which most likely includes the radio). I looked it up and it played during a "Criminal Minds" episode, during which Reid was, well, being Reid. This was the episode where you see him come out of the addicts meeting and get the coin from the AA guy. I remember that being a good episode. I'm pretty sure this is where I'm remembering it from, but I could be wrong.

So I've basically been on a "Hurt" (Johnny Cash version) binge for the past... three hours. I have probably listened to this song ten or more times by now ("So little?" "I know, right?").

I found a really good "Doctor Who" Hurt video. You know, I feel like I found one that used the song a long time ago... that might be another place I'm remembering it from.

I also found a good "Once Upon a Time" Rumplestiltskin Hurt video.

I think that this song is absolutely perfect for Doctor Who and Rumple. It would also be good for Regina (I'd love to see that). Admittedly, she doesn't seem to show a lot of remorse that I can recall... but there are moments. She certainly has them with Henry. And seriously, I think she's going to end up killing Henry once she realizes whose grandson and great-grandson he is.

A Sam Winchester video would probably be good for this. Actually... Sam, Dean, and Cas would be great for this. Bobby, too. I think an all-around "Boys of Supernatural" Hurt video is a good idea. Sam and Cas are the best for it, but it could work for the other two.

An overall "Once Upon a Time" Hurt video would work. There's a lot of lying, miscommunication, regret, guilt, people leaving and sadness in that show. It would be great. And sad. So it would be beautiful! Heck, Snow WhitexPrince Charming, GrumpyxNova, Regina, Henry, EmmaxGraham/the Huntsman, Kathryn, RumplexBelle, RumplexBae (I think it's August, too)... there's lots of material here.

Although I am SERIOUSLY losing interest in "Grimm", I think that Nick would be a great candidate for a Hurt video. Well... an okay candidate.

It honestly couldn't work for everyone. I think. A lot of shows would have to be overall characters. Stargate would be a great one. Not Atlantis, but the original. SGU might be good, too. I think Daniel and Oneill would be good single candidates. Andromeda would probably also make a good one but I don't know enough about the characters.

Really wish I could make music videos. Future project, I guess. When I find the time, inspiration, and, well... develop skill.

The biggest problem with all of this is that I rewatched that clip from "Criminal Minds"... and I remember when I was like, in love with Reid. I still like him, but I have an issue with a show that has come to the conclusion that "oh, making this popular character be in pain brings in fans - let's center episodes around that".... which is basically the plot of everything... well, "Criminal Minds" was also REALLY depressing as an overall "message on humanity" or whatever. I got out while I could and now I just wanna go back and rewatch the good early days...



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