Apr. 21st, 2012

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I am most definitely watching Charmed. I'm in season 2 now. I don't really know why I like the show. The cast isn't spectacular, but they're good and they're growing on me. I wasn't in love with the protagonists, in particular. I found Phoebe annoying and Prue overly cliched. Piper was the one character I actually liked from watching the bits I saw before and she still is the only one I really like... but the others are growing. Now that Phoebe is growing in her use of martial arts, she's becoming fun. The story-writing is also improving a bit. It's a slow process, but they're still in the 90s. Have to give em a break.

I also finished "To Reign in Hell." I thought it was good. I was a little disappointed that it's not like Brust's Dragaera books (particularly in the humor department), but that was expected from what I read before reading the story itself. It was quite nicely written.

The new episode of Supernatural came out. Bobby gained the ability to manifest. Not much else happened.

I've been mostly doing a lot of school writing. Trying to chill. I've had headaches for the past five days and I'm just trying to get some sleep when I can. Missed too much and I think that's the cause of my headaches. And my eyes burning.

Perhaps the funniest thing about Charmed is the fashion sense. I have friends who focused on fashion in school, so I'm aware of the whole trends changing business. Just watching this show, it's obvious that trends can change relatively quickly. Admittedly, it's been a decade. I suppose fashions can change that fast... although with the way we work trends now, it's pretty obvious that things can change fast. Look how fast the iPod got taken up. Although that's not fashion...

Anyway, the stuff they wear in this show is hilarious. Tops, jewelry, fur, "gangsta" clothing, and so on.

One of the thing that I'm kind of jealous of in this show is watching the sisters interact with each other. It reminds me of a much closer interaction between my mom and her sister. The sisters are all just... so incredibly close with each other. On the one hand, I really wish I was that way with my sister. I find that I can go for days without remembering that I have a sister. And on the other hand, it makes me miss my sister. I am 95% certain that once I reacquainted myself with my sister, that I would immediately stop missing her. This is one of those "I wish things could have been..." Oh why, cruel world, is life not like it is on television?

I guess the only solution is that once I hit 26, she and her husband will have to move in with me and we'll discover how much we truly care about each other after receiving magical abilities from some dead relative. Apparently it greatly improves one's sex life. It probably helps when you live in a town filled with loads and loads of hot guys.

I'm getting hungry. Later.


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