May. 26th, 2012


May. 26th, 2012 12:27 am
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Today's been, well, today.

I got a little bit of reading done. Yet again. I just need to sit down and read all these books I have from the library, or it's never going to happen. I already have to move onto Game of Thrones because I can't renew that one, what with all the holds on it.

I started watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold while I worked out. It was better than other things... but just not what I needed, I guess. I find it interesting, and I'm glad I read up on it a lot before I checked it out. Seeing Batman in this almost cheesy old-fashioned version mixed with some of the more recent seriousness is weird. The art is rather interesting, and I don't mind the deeply cartooniness of it. It's like Teen Titans meets the Justice League cartoon and the Powerpuff girls, with that anime style mixed with the big torsos and the bright colors and heavy use of curves and dark lines.

Beyond that, I find the stories enjoyable. It's fun to romp around with the cameo leaguers that show up. I've seen Plastic Man in a couple of places, but never seen him on an adventure. I'm also still adjusting to their version of Green Arrow, who looks more like a grown version of Red Arrow/Armory than what I know as the typical Green Arrow.

Saw MIB 3 with Mom today. I have two main opinions... 1) it reminded me a lot of the other two movies, which is good, and 2) it was very cute. Just... cute. The humor was nice. The acting was good. The secrets revealed were cute. You know...

My stepfather also admitted to his paranoia. Without realizing, of course, because he "doesn't" have it. He likes animals more because they don't "intentionally" hurt you, like people do. People being Mom and myself, through implication. Gee, Mom and I must force him into being an asshole and then protecting ourselves when he takes out his anger on us or acts like the paranoid, egotistical, slovenly, sexist prick he is. I can honestly say that if he left because he wanted to be with our cat that has gone batshit crazy for no understandable reason, I will not be sorry. I am tired of dealing with his constant "if you twitch improperly, it means you're attacking me and I'm going to throw a tantrum" personality.

... I think I'll either read a bit or just go to bed. Later.


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