May. 31st, 2012

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So I had these old Now that's what I call music! CDs from like... Elementary School. I believe that, before today, I listened to a grand total of four of the 39 songs on them. I certainly didn't look more than twice at the list of what was on them. Well... I certainly never read over the whole thing. Or I would have noticed that a song I bought later was... already on there.

Anyway, I ran to the end of my last audiobook and I needed to listen to something while I was on the computer to make me feel mildly... what's the word... like I was doing something important.

Wow rant writing makes you feel guilty...

Anyway, I remembered that were some things that I needed to listen to on my iTunes, after finishing some Tokio Hotel... and, well... I've needed to do it for years.

I love how they've been sitting in my iTunes for about seven years... god has it been that long since I got... anyway; it took seven years for me to get around to looking at the thing. And I could have noticed the seven or eight copies the CDs shared. And cleared out some computer space. But no, I'm too lazy to read a couple lines of text.

After I got rid of the duplicate songs, I just started listening to the leftovers. I recognized a number of them, mostly from 90s radio. There were still a lot I didn't recognize, and I got rid of quite a lot of them. At the end of it, I had cut 39 songs down to 20. There was a lot of really bad music on there. And not just poorly made, although I suppose using content the way those artists did could be considered a way to make "bad music".

Listened to some other music... and started working on my friend's KPop list again. Nothing remarkable there.

I went swimming today, though! It was kind of boring and weird to go alone... but that's the nice thing about water. You duck your head under and people only see dark blurs, not some idiot who can only do a half-decent butterfly.

It was only about 40 minutes, but it was a decent enough swim.

Also, I have read 1000-page books that felt shorter than Game of Thrones. I mean, seriously. I don't get why it's taking so long to finish a book less than 800 pages. I finally got over the half-way mark yesterday. Huzzah.

Well, more LSAT studying. Ta.


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