Jun. 9th, 2012

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It really doesn't. There are other things I would rather discuss than some of the things that happened today.

The majority of the day was fine. I spent a lot of time with my mother. We hung out. I played with my cats. I made progress in my book. A new episode of CodeMent came out. Two new episodes of Hank & Katherine & Michael & Charlie Play Super Mario Bros Wii came out.

So my stepfather went batshit crazy. We were going to take my mother out, and, walking out, she reminded him of something he forgot to do in the house. This somehow made him completely lose it. He ended up forcibly holding the door closed from the inside in an attempt to stop me from getting out and joining her in the garage, even when I told him to move.

It was rather scary. So far, these arguments haven't been physical. That's the only reason the police haven't been notified. Today he nearly stepped over that boundary.

Not much else has happened. I've been playing a lot of Diablo 3. Now that I know how to play it... it's actually enjoyable. I've been doing a lot of achievement completion while I get through Nightmare mode. While it would twenty times easier and more sensible to just go back and do it on Normal... I'm planning to do Nightmare difficulty anyway, so I might as well get two birds with one stone. Or like... 10,001 birds with one stone. There are a ridiculous number of achievements, even when you're just looking at the ones I'm focusing on, which include exploration (dungeons, principally), event completion, book reading (there are three book achievements in every act, as far as I'm aware, and I've completed a grand total of one out of twelve), conversation achievements (I've completed... I think two out of eight), dye achievements (one of which requires five dyes from every difficulty; I suppose I could POTENTIALLY finish it, assuming all I need to do is get to New Tristram at the beginning of Inferno difficulty)... and a weird achievement where I need to buy certain items from merchants. Which sucks because, as in WoW, items lose SIGNIFICANT value once you buy them from merchants. For example, items costing around 5000 gold sell back for about 238 gold. It's annoying.

Anyway. Later.


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