Jun. 11th, 2012

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You know those rare moments where you just laugh at yourself and it's not "so sad you have to laugh out of nerves", but actually funny?

Well, I haven't had one of those in a while. I certainly don't remember the last one. And now that I think about it, I can't decide whether this falls under the "okay funny" or "sad funny" category.

So I went to the library to drop off a batch of things and pick up some more stuff. I get to the counter, pick up the first book to check out, and look over the pile briefly: an audiobook copy of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" (don't look at me like that; I wouldn't read something written like Dracula... it's too boring; at least this way I'll finish it), two books that formed part of the basis for the 2010 mini-series "The Pacific", a 2011 LSAT prep book, and the second novel in "A Song of Ice and Fire" (the series that spawned the TV show "A Game of Thrones"). And a single thought went through head, as I type here: "Heh... 'light' Summer reading."

Ah well. It was amusing. I also find it amusing that I dropped off six items and picked up five, yet my bag was almost twice its size coming in. I blame "A Clash of Kings". That book is so freaking large it's ridiculous.

For the record, I thought about getting an audiobook for book 4 in the series, so I can get through it over the school year, which is how it looks like things will turn out at this rate. Thought about it. Looked it up. That book is 20 discs long. Since the average audiobook length I'm willing to accept is 10-14... I'm thinking no.

I thought about checking out a Les Miserables unabridged audiobook. That is probably the only way I'll read it. One, because I don't want to read an abridged version, and two, because I do NOT want to read the giant-ass book that is "Les Miserables". But after a second thought, it's probably at least 20 discs, too. Or an unabridged version doesn't exist. They probably couldn't find someone to read through all those architecture descriptions. I can respect that.

Oh, all right. More likely they don't expect anyone to want to LISTEN to all those architecture descriptions. But seriously, it's a CLASSIC, and it would be an AUDIOBOOK. Why in the world would you listen to an ABRIDGED version? You READ abridged versions. You don't listen to them. At least when they're not dramatic readings. Which are typically abridged, anyway. Heck, look at the LOTR audiodrama that Peter Jackson based his outline for his movies off of. No Tom Bombadil, no Barrow Downs, no Crick Hollow... and maybe no scouring of the Shire. I haven't checked.

As a result of my desperate read-throughs of all these books, I've been reading "Embers" by, well... inches. Got through another chapter and it was awesome like the rest. I really, really want to read it. Unfortunately, I think it's longer than some of the books I've been reading. 69 chapters. Most likely worth it (if the rest only improves on the first five chapters)... but seriously. 69 chapters of fanfiction I'll have access to at school, versus a lot of books I would have to return before I went off to college. Don't think the fanfic will win out.

I finished the 2nd Kane Chronicles book. Totally guessed the "not-so-un-obvious" hints. Seriously, what does Riordan take his readers for?

On to "Green Rider". FINALLY. Or "Intruder". FINALLY. Most likely not the Stephanie Harrington book. FIN-I mean... ughhhhh...

So I've decided to watch the Alien movies.

Note, none of this involves LSAT prep, exercising, a job...

I can explain.

1) All of this is far more FUN than those things, and it is my Summer.

2) Wasn't able to get to swimming today, and talking about "not swimming" doesn't really work and leads down roads I'd rather not rant about.

3) I've tried to get a job. For two summers. I've put in at least 20 applications this summer alone. Oh, I've been called by a couple of places. Most of which hang up after the words "summer job" pass my lips. Of the two that followed up after that, the first hired up enough before me, and the second... presumably said no. I don't know why. I think he thought I was calling back after they told me no (when I just wanted to know what was going on because no one called me)... and I think it just meant no. The majority never called me back. I've played more phone tag than I ever want to do again. This summer is devoted to LSAT prep, exercise, teaching my cat to not go batshit crazy when she goes into a cat carrier, a car, or a bath, recovering from losing Simba, and reading up on all those books I missed this past year. And will probably not get to read this coming year because, well... I have even more English classes. You don't get outside reading in English classes because, well... THEY'RE ENGLISH CLASSES. Unless you're reading a Wizard of Oz book. The kiddy ones, not the "Wicked" series, which are god-awful-long (while being EXTREMELY worth it, especially books 3 and 4). The kiddy ones are, well... kiddy ones. I can finish one in a couple hours.

I think I'll play some game... then maybe get some reading done. I don't feel like watching Alien right now. Or Predator.



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