Jun. 21st, 2012

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Did you know that, according to Bram Stoker, Dracula had a mustache?

That's the only truly valuable thing I'm taking away from this book.

Yes, I know that Bram Stoker created him. I'm just saying.

Now whenever I think of Count Chocula, I think WRONG!

I actually did a lot of LSAT studying today. Woot for being productive! I also happened to do better on this run than I did on previous practices. Woot for improvement!

I stuck my DK alt that I never play in Dad's alt guild... which will hopefully allow my main to progress through Dragon Soul. And possibly other places (holdin out for Firelands), even though I probably won't be able to do anything until at least Monday evening.

Not much else happened today. I spent a lot time coordinating with friends for tomorrow, training the cats and reading. I really like that a large segment of "A Clash of Kings" concerns Arya and Tyrion, who, by far, have the best segments. Although I am HIGHLY curious about Sansa's fate and when she's going to knock Joffrey off of a tower (because she HAS to be the one to kill him... unless they continue the lie to the public and use him for genetic fodder). Tyrion is just... a great personality, and Arya is fun.

I wonder if Ringo is supposed to be Dio and Leda's daughter. It would explain the hair. Leda can't be Luna's mother, because Ohji doesn't know who created her, and he created Leda.

I find the detached way the adult robots watch Ringo's interactions with people interesting... Casshern certainly doesn't know much about the world. He's probably curious about what people do, and what children are like.

And now I'm bored. Off to watch stuff.


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