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Jul. 8th, 2012 11:38 pm
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So I noticed another thing. There's this trend in shows for skinny women to like overweight men. But I don't often see the reverse. In fact I can't really recall anything other than "Hairspray" where that actually happens... and since "Hairspray is a sort of parody of everything... I don't think that's a great example.

Matt Smith must be very intimidating when he's being the Doctor. I've read and watched a number of interviews and back-stage videos and other things... the man is rather silly and apparently highly accident prone (self-admitted, along with crew commentary)... and he's very sweet according to these same things. Just watching him doing his Doctor routine and it doesn't sound like a guy who uses a puppet badger to attack his own face. It looks very intimidating.

I've got a theory.

So the best actors (people-wise), are, in my experience (because you can trust things you watch on television, right?), the antagonists.

I have a couple theories about this. One of them is that people who are good at playing antagonists and villains, but are really sweethearts IRL a) have a lot of held-back rage they just reach to when they need it for stuff, b) are just very good at being mean and spend the rest of their time off-set being as nice as they can to apologize to their fellows actors for acting like asses on-set (also because they don't want the reputation of being an ass), and c) they lived their entire life secretly wishing to be a cheesy evil character, so they play it out as much as they can.

I have to stand around waiting for my conditioner to do its work for three minutes every day when I take a shower. I have to think of SOMETHING!

Of course, the secondary protagonists also tend to be the best people, too.

Being a decent person, even if they're the same as they're portrayed in interviews and back-stage stuff... is a relevant term. I think it just goes against the childhood notion that people act in real life like they do on the screen. Which is very confusing when you begin to take note of how many actors have played "both sides of the coin". It has to do with learning about gray and so on. So this is probably more of "oh, they can make actually humorous jokes without cruel jibes with other actors on the set, including the goodie-goodies".

They had railings in medieval England? You know I never even considered that before. When exactly were railings invented? How old are they?

The Merlin extras must have loved chucking veggies at the titular character in the first episode.

I don't really have anything to write here. I felt like writing something and I'm putting off getting as much of "A Song of Ice and Fire" book 3 read as possible before the end of tomorrow and I felt like writing and the first three seasons of "Merlin" are on Netflix and Methur fans keep spamming my dashboard and... sigh... today was weird. And I don't really know what to think of it.

And Arthur just owned Merlin with a broom. That's pretty BA. And no wonder there are Methur fanatics. I'm reading way too much into this, THANK YOU Methur fanatics.

I think I'm going to read this chapter of "Embers", some more of that book... and maybe finish this episode. I might do that tomorrow because this is interesting but it's a little silly and the Methur commentary going on in my head (which creeps me out enough on tumblr) is getting irritating.



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