Jul. 13th, 2012

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So I spent basically the entire day reading. Literally. Because I only put my book down for sleep at around 12:40 AM.

"Oh, poor baby, sitting on your bed, reading all day. Poor thing."

Well. Yeah. So I feel like having a spoiled child rant. So there. My eyes hurt a lot and I want to submit them to staring at this screen for a while before I go take a shower and then READ SOME MORE SO I CAN FINISH THE LAST 40 PAGES OF THIS BOOK...

So I didn't spend all of it reading. I got up around 9:40... and then I played with the cats a bit, put one of our cats in a harness, stuck them in my mom's bedroom, and I did some crazy-cat training and then let our crazy cat have run of the house... and then I went and had brunch and read until oh... 2 or so. Then I think I had a snack, while reading. And made some calls. And then I played with the cats a little bit every now and then between reading. And then after Mom got home we went to Target. So that was nice. And then I cleaned out some litter boxes and we fed the cats and put the crazy cat away and I went back to reading. Well... and another snack. But I didn't eat dinner so... uh... yeah.

So at 9:40ish I gave up and drove back to my Dad's. Because I promised him I would. Ugggh.... I should've just stayed at Mom's cause I almost died twice driving here. It was the universe telling me I should have stayed. It made a lot of sense for me to have stayed. Beyond the fact that AC works there and the bed is nicer and my cats are there and I get the house to myself and it's easier to read and there's food I like there... Well. It's closer to the library where I pick up/drop off books and to the Hallmark I need to go to in order to get a card for Mom.

So yeah. I am almost done with this book. I REFUSE to go to bed until I have read it. I will take a shower and... and read a chapter of Embers because I really want to read a chapter of Embers and then I will finish this book. And then tomorrow I will read through the WWII book. And then I will start book 4 of this series, which is at least 200 pages shorter than book 3, hjlkjlkjlakjlkgjlkasjglkj.

And hopefully finish my LSAT prep course homework. And get a card for mom. And drop off my library books. And pay off the fine I accrued because I didn't turn in the book today because I couldn't FINISH the darn thing.

Sigh. All right. Done for the night. Ta.


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