Jul. 15th, 2012

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So writing exercises are fun. I'd forgotten...

Playing around with an idea I got. I finally finished "Embers" so now I'm thinking over some things I learned reading it. One of the things she did was use characters that already exist as a base for her own characters. It's actually a sort of advanced version of using archetypes. Plus, you're typically just using the base character personality. It wouldn't be the same, since they would have a different (mostly) character history and a different, well... actual storyline. And they exist in a different story universe.

No, I'm not blatantly using the idea. Reading "Embers" taught me that I know a lot less about story characters in stories I'm "familiar" with than I thought I did. Add that to an old short-short-story I wrote two semesters ago... and I have a writing exercise where you write in the mindset of another character you're familiar with. It's actually quite enlightening...You learn a lot about them. It's also a way to do dialogue and inner monologue practice.

It probably works best for certain stories where the backstories are kind of, oh... nonexistent. It's probably a good exercise for writing fanfiction (no I'm not preparing to jump into that pond, I'm just saying)... you consider how some characters get to x point and y thought and then 1, 2, 3 you have a story put together. Of course, I think I'm getting inspired because this story was REALLY poorly put together. It's easy to make something out of that. While the characters in this story might be relatively generic archetype templates... I don't know.

You start to wonder "why the heck do they do these things?" "what life experiences did they have to do things this way?" It's interesting to play with the story and how it works... fill in the gaps where they use "creative narrative" to explain what happened. You could make a story like that. I don't think a story I wrote would make any sense to anyone but me, especially since it's an experiment, where it changes over time. Going back would be kind of annoying.

It's nice to just be doing a writing exercise and not a story-story. They're easy. And it's all writing. It's just... writing without real hardship. Someone else made the outline, you just get to fill in all the details and well... knock yourself out.



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