Jul. 24th, 2012

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So I was reading more of "A Feast for Crows". That oh-so-amazing book where we learn more about how ugly Brienne is and that men are still obsessed with female virginity.

Now we learn a new luverly fact! The further focus on victim guilt! Oh, not the "you rebelled, I'm killing you as a traitor, you brought this on yourself" thing. No, that's old. If you don't have at least some of that in a story, a big neon sign should pop up saying "Why the f are you writing, I mean REALLY?" At least that's what always happens, anyway.

I mean the fun kind. For sadists and screw-ups and other sick people that count George R. R. Martin among their number. Victim guilt that involves "these guys were trying to sleep with you to steal your virginity and it's your fault for existing".

Admittedly, I haven't read much further since her section ended a time ago. It could be that Martin is doing this to point out "look, this dude's an ass - note his assness". It could be "guys are asses"... maybe... I'm not really sure. Not reassured by Sam's section following Brienne's segment.

So that was great. Except not really.

I might just give up on the series. It's just disgusting me more and more as I read. Although I seem to enjoy complaining about it so... meh. I want to know how it ends. I might just cheer when it ends and forget what happens, honestly.


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