Jul. 26th, 2012

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So Dad got Season 1 of the "revamped" "Star Trek: Next Generation" blu-ray. I think I wrote a review of watching a couple sample episodes when Dad went and bought the DVD sample (I have to write this because I'm rolling eyes and just knowing he's going to get thrown out of his house one of these days because he can't stop buying useless things and he doesn't understand that if you buy ten things that cost $5, you've just spend $50).

Anyway... Dad was there this time, and it was just... I mean... the show...

You got your at-risk child, The Heroic Male (aka The Male, Hercules figure, or any number of stupid stereotypes you could pick), The Young Romance, The Almost-Old-Might-Have-Been Romance, the Useless Female Who Spends Most of Her Time Saying "I Feel Something... Pain..." and... oh... it's just stupid.

On top of that, you have all the melodrama, the stupid story, the melodrama, the script, that moment when you realize that all they did between the last commercial break and the current one was say "oh, there's the Away Team", the melodrama, the realization that they don't actually accomplish much of anything between commercial breaks.

That moment when you realize that there are only a few good things about this episode: Q, QxPicard, Picard, Old McCoy,  McCoyxData, and the fact that you're watching a cherished cultural show revamped and revised and moved up to a new age, which will inspire more series to follow.

That is it. Honest to god, everyone else was over-acting so bad and trying to fit into the show-that-might-never-have-been, and... ah well. They tried. They didn't do a terrible job, really, for the times and such. But just... it hurts.

So Dad noticed something funny. There's a revamped female miniskirt uniform for the new series (or at least that's what we always thought it was). But there's something interesting you notice in this episode: there's two instances of a man appearing briefly in the Engineering Room and then in the evacuation to the Saucer section, wearing the uniform. We're 95% certain the first is a guy, and if the second wasn't a guy, I would be VERY surprised.

I have to wonder if this was them trying to retrofit the miniskirt uniform in some way. If it's some sort of other uniform, maybe something they wear for comfort (it could be a sort of gown that has a skort on the bottom, rather than a skirt.

So, among the many problems with the first episode of the original series (I'm not talking about the pink "it's-really-someone's-hand" "plant")... is that I realize that Sulu's eating oddly colored tater-tots and not some funky cereal.


I'm giving up on "A Song of Ice And Fire", at least until the summer is over. I'll finish book 4 and then I'll go read that stack of stuff that's been piling up recently. I don't have time to read something like this. There's too many reasons not to, and I really want to read other things.



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