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So I was reading through random stuff while looking over YouTube (no, I still suck at multi-tasking) and I was thinking about Revivals.

Ignoring my conspiracy-theory-when-I'm-bored that involves Hollywood lacking the intellect to make anything new anymore so it just revives old things, I think there's a definite trend here.

Yes, I know not everything is Hollywood. I am aware. In fact, quite a LOT is not Hollywood.

Looking at recent times, the ReBoot revival (of sorts) comes to mind. This show first aired in 1994, and stopped airing after 2001. Eleven years after the fact, they finally release the ENTIRE series on DVD (they never released the first season anywhere, and it took them some extra time to come out with season 3 after season 2 was released). While part of the problem might have been that they never released season 1, there's still a lot of love for the series as a whole. It was ground-breaking. The first ENTIRELY computer-animated series.

Sailor Moon's revival is also rather astonishing. Ever since I jumped into the anime/manga world, I have not been able to escape the name. I watched it as a kid, sure, but the importance of series (especially in America, where it's basically the brand title for Shoujo) is astonishing. I know I keep repeating this, but I really am just astonished by it. It's been around (or more) the same amount of time since the manga finished its run in the US, and they stopped airing the dub (may they never release it again - just re-do it, and do it right!). Yet what's happening? They started re-releasing the manga last November in a revamped version (basic summary: four fewer volumes, larger and longer volumes, new art, new translation, Japanese names, correct direction; and this was long after the first company went out of business and stopped releasing the old manga entirely). While there's apparently been some talk about releasing the entire anime in the US (the first season of the dub is not all of season 1 and Stars is well... complicated), and also apparently about re-dubbing the series (which would be interesting - an accurate dub of season 1 without taking out over half the season to "Americanize" it - WHY DID YOU MORONS DO THAT???; they also never dubbed Stars). But what are they going to do? They're going to create an ENTIRELY NEW anime for the Summer of 2013! I mean, wow! I understand them revamping Fullmetal Alchemist into FMA: Brotherhood so that the anime actually matches the manga, but FMA is a far more recent manga, and was far more recently completed (two years ago, versus Sailor Moon, which was completely published in Japan in 1997). The series is on a big and RECENT fan-wave that makes support for a new series just more merchandizing money the company can put in its pockets.

There's ThunderCats, which was a TV series that was supposed to be American with an anime style. The original series ended in 1989, but it had a strong enough fan-base that they came out with a new series starting last year. I mean, WHAT?

Revivals and revamps are not a new concept anywhere, certainly. And that includes the anime world. I have no idea how many... what's that show whose name escapes me... DARNIT I knew I should have finished it... anyway... If you walk up to a true fan, one of the first topics under discussion would be "what storyline do you go by?" Because characters die and don't die and exist and don't exist and it's kind of ridiculous. And then of course you have Tenchi Muyo, which isn't an entirely complete series that's just really long. It's got the original series, the slightly dumbed down series with less boobs, a series that takes place in Tokyo, and some movies that just... fit randomly. Take your pick. I have no idea where the manga is supposed to connect. There's been at least two Cyborg 009 anime, one of which came out relatively recently.

I have to wonder if FMA is setting a precedent, though. It's a recent revamp that was REALLY popular. And with the re-release of all of these old manga that Kodansha got the rights to, who knows where they'll go with those?

Personally, I'd love to see a complete Fruits Basket anime. They stopped around the end of volume 6 in a 22-volume manga, which I find ridiculous. FMA is 27 volumes and it's produced two anime (and three OVAs), one of which is 56 episodes long. What, they can't do something similar with Fruits Basket, which may not have the popularity FMA has, but has a pretty decent popularity nonetheless? And something that's actually ACCURATE, which is doable now that the manga has been released in full.

Whatever. I'm going to get food. This... didn't turn out how I wanted but at least I wrote some today. Ta.


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