Jul. 31st, 2012

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So yeah, I'm reading a lot of comics. A friend just linked me to this hilarious blog about something called "Eschergirls". It's... too funny. Sad, but funny. I basically deleted half of my deviantart favorites as a result. Ooh, fear my backlash at the sadness that is the art world! It also gave me a new thing to look at when I read more comics.

So there's this panel... that uh... Well...

I want to scan it in and post it somewhere to get some more opinions on it. It's uh... well... So this is the second volume in the "Ultimate X-Men" series, and Jean Grey is talking to Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler in his mind to get around the German language barrier. And she's explaining to him what she's doing, and why they're in a different place than where their bodies are (some nice paradise-like field Kurt's familiar with). And while they're talking, you can see the pair, sitting under a tree. For some reason, they're both in their underwear. Which is odd, considering that most mindwalks I'm familiar with feature people in their most comfortable clothing (off the top of my head, in the Marvel universe, I see Professor Xavier in a suit, walking; then there's Spider-Man, who was knocked unconscious, and was sitting in street clothes in a mental library with a bag of Twizzler's; then I'm picturing the Cat Legend folks, who were basically wearing what they were outside their bodies, which makes sense - people aren't that good at imagining clothes if they're not in the business of designing clothes, writing, or such; then there's Bleach - Ichigo always appears in his Soul Reaper uniform; in Naruto, the characters appear in their most recent clothing - Naruto typically wears his ninja uniform; in xxxHolic, Watanuki and Yuuko typically appear in the clothes their real bodies are wearing). I don't know many people in the world comfortable in their underwear.

So just when I think they're never going to get around to answer this question... Jean starts to explain when he looks at her, and she says "Don't feel bad that you're picturing me in my underwear. Most people do, and I'm used to it."

I kid you not.

Now, I understand someone adjusting to a nickname. There's this rather common trope in stories where characters will pick up an insulting nickname and make their own to get back at everyone else. Or ignoring it. Heck, I've gone through that!

I can understand people picking up an image. Maybe people see them as the strong one, and they move into it. Maybe people think of them as the silent type. And they move into it. Me, I'm the sleepy type. Don't bother putting that one aside.

But I do not know anyone beyond the temptress or prostitute (and even then not all prostitutes) in fiction who is perfectly fine with other people picturing them in their underclothes. I certainly don't know anyone in REAL life who thinks that way. Maybe everyone you walk past will think that way... but I don't see anyone taking pleasure in the fact. Since it typically objectifies the person when it happens, it isn't something people typically enjoy. You want to be admired as a person, not as a thing. You know the saying "my eyes are up here".

Guys are also frequently subjects, especially since everyone has this theory that only women are subject to it. And they don't like it either. Maybe they should start realizing how much women hate it.

Also, if this wasn't COMPLETELY OOC for Jean, I MIGHT be more likely to let this off the hook. For starters, Jean is a very strong character. Even ignoring the long list of ways she's threatened Wolverine and other characters for thinking the wrong thing or looking the wrong way, well... there's the long list of things and times she's threatened people for doing that. She's done it in Ultimate Spider-Man, the movies, and later Ultimate X-Men comics! It doesn't make any sense for her to act this way. This isn't like accepting a name like "peach" or "sledgehammer". It basically means she's okay with people treating her like walking boobs and a vagina.

You don't accept that. You just don't. This is misogynistic bs about how women "feel" or how they "should feel" according to sexist pigs or people who think that not only are women not intelligent enough to understand how these kinds of people look at them, but also that they're okay being treated like dirt. It's disgusting.

Again, I'm glad I never bought these things. Jeez. Back to the library they go.


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