Aug. 4th, 2012

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There are many thoughts I have after today.

The first is that I feel like an ass for being late to meet my sister. Because it was my fault and not traffic or lights (although both certainly tried hard to make it their faults. I mean, really, does EVERY SINGLE TRUCK AND BUS in the country just aim for the spot in front of my car or something?).

The second is that I cannot recall the last time my sister and I spent this much time together. Sure, we had the cruise. Where we saw each other a couple times a day for maybe an hour at most. There was her wedding, where we spent a couple hours in the same room without actually talking to each other.

When was the last trip where it was just Dad, her, and I? Or Mom, her, and I? A trip to a show or a movie or a camping trip... a movie night, a family meal cooked in our own kitchen... I can't even remember.

It just puts things in perspective.

There was a comment she made close to when we parted ways. She moved in recently and I went over to help her unpack her stuff. Our stepmother also came over to help, and we ended up spending a lot of the day together. Sort of, anyway. So after we parted ways as we headed to our cars, my sister made the comment that my interaction with our stepmother was a lot friendlier than it was the last time she saw us together.

I didn't make much comment to this other than, "Huh. Well, if that's what you think."

She asked why she might have been wrong, and I replied that I just didn't talk much anyway so we didn't really interact warmly or otherwise. Basically I implied that the key to the appearance of a good relationship is silence.

And it really is. Most people are aware of this.

She let it go.

So I'm thinking back over my interactions with her for the afternoon/day whatever. Honestly... that's all that happened. I avoided conversation or ended it quickly if any started. Or I spoke to my sister specifically, and not our stepmother, even if my stepmother was in the vicinity. When we spoke, I didn't mention anything personal, and most of what I said was answering questions about where to put things.

I've come to the conclusion that I've just gotten better at controlling my temper. Or at pretending happiness, enjoyment, or whatever. I may not be Hollywood material, but hey, I'm a lot better at faking a smile.

So that's a lovely thought for the day.

One of the things we spent a lot of time doing was unpacking her giant DVD collection. I at least knew the majority of the stories. So maybe we spent a bit more time discussing the merits and cons of some DVDs than we should have...

It was interesting. We've never really talked about our different preferences. Heck, I didn't even know she liked most of the things I saw that she had.

So we disagreed. On a lot of things. Let me think... she thought "Scott Pilgrim" was one of the best movies out there. I said it was a good movie, but I wouldn't rewatch it. She had a collector's set for Blade Runner. I told her that I respected the movie's position in cinematic history, but that I didn't enjoy the film. She said that it was a cult classic and was I think going to start commenting about how I was crazy to dislike it. I forget why we changed the subject. I think our stepmother asked a question.

They had Baccano! and I said I wanted my own copy because I loved it, and that she should see Durarara!!, since it's by the same people. She said she didn't like it, and that she didn't like the art style.

Sorry. Very distracted by a poorly drawn still from Seirei no Moribito. This guy looks cross-eyed for no reason than probably whoever was drawing it fails at drawing eyes properly. Japan! Stop with the sexism! Jeez! We've had enough already!

We both like Watchmen a lot. That was nice to know. We both aren't really fans of Gundam. They like horror, while I don't. And they like it a lot. She also apparently likes True Blood. And Game of Thrones. And a number of other.... interesting options. We also commented on Dark Knight Rises... we started to come to an agreement on how our mother doesn't quite have a good judgement choice for movies (she liked the movie a lot... it's just how she looks at them).

Did I mention that I have never understood the reasons for -boob-up-to-face- shots? Other than "this is a guy looking at a woman, and their first priority is the boobs. Then they remember where a woman's face is. Some of the time.

I also can't really understand their obsession with One Piece. Then again, I can't understand anyone's obsession with it, and the president of my anime club is obsessed with One Piece.

It was just... different. I learned that we like very different things. While this isn't a big shocker... it's interesting to see where we like the same things and where we like different things. I know we have different reasons for liking those things we both like, too.

I also know that I'll go on thinking she's just as crazy for liking those things I don't as she thinks I am for not liking them. Ah well. Progress in small steps, I guess.



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