Aug. 7th, 2012

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Well, the one good thing about today was that I was right. I can eat my way through a Ranger's Apprentice novel pretty darn fast. I've only been reading it for a short time and I'm almost halfway through.

On the other hand, I still haven't finished "With the Old Breed", progress ignored, I still haven't actually finished "Lost Tales"... and the only books I've finished in the past week are comics I picked up from the library today.


So one of the comics I picked up was Marvel 1602, which I've actually seen around for quite some time. It came out in what, 2004? It makes sense that I've seen it around bookstores and libraries. I've seen it in my local library and my high school library. I always thought it was some historical Western piece or based on a novel by Stephen King or something.

And then I read a better description than the couple I've found elsewhere and, oh, it's some familiar Marvel characters in Elizabethan times.

Well. That sounded really, really cool! So I checked it out. And I like it a lot. I'm always sad about the fact that I can pick up on clues the authors leave but I'm terrible at connecting the dots (see Tate in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises). While I was reading through the first time, I thought that Rohjuz's hair color was odd and I wondered what hero he was supposed to be. I figured he was one a member of a pair of heroes (with Dare) that I wasn't familiar with. There are TONS of them, so that wouldn't have surprised me. He was definitely Somebody. And then we were... told... his backstory and, well...

Warning bells, though. For one thing, he was smarter than he made himself out to be. The odd hair color (convenient explanations to the contrary)... and a couple other things. I remember seeing the moment where he grabbed a circular tray and used it like a discus to knock an assassin down. The move looked odd for something I'd expect from a Native American, but at the time I figured that he was just smart and using what was around him, and I don't know that much about Native Americans anyway. Should have given it away, honestly. I mean, a giant, muscle-bound, light-skinned blonde-haired man using a circular weapon like that?

Then there's the way he treated Dare. Sure, he tracked her like I'd expect a Native American to be able to do (very good trackers, according to everything I've read). And the fact that he wasn't shocked by her transformations was something I pegged down to Native American beliefs. I just figured that they would be more likely to accept the unusual than other people. I don't know what's taboo for them or if they have rules about getting rid of things that don't fit in the way they see the world. I don't think they do.

You know, I never thought about it before, but Barbara (one of the Doctor's first companions) looks an awful lot like a younger version of my maternal grandmother. An AWFUL lot. Creepy. Not like "they've got the same hairstyle" (although they do, and personally I think she looks better with it), but like their faces look awfully similar. One of my cousins and my mother look very, very similar to my grandmother, so it's not just pictures I'm recalling.

Also, the name. Most of the characters in the story got different names. Carlos Javier (Charles Xavier), Erico (Eric Magnus), Petros (Pietro/Quicksilver), Peter Parquah (Peter Parker/Spiderman), Nicholas Fury (although I have no idea if IRL he's Nick or Nicholas shortened, so who knows?), Matthew Murdoch (rather than going by Matt), Scotius Summerisle (Scott Summers/Cyclops), and a couple others I don't remember. Some just got nicknames. A lot of people just didn't go by nicknames. Benjamin rather than Ben (Grimm), Susan rather than Sue (Storm), Jonathan rather than Johnny Storm... others. Wanda kept her actual name.

But Rohjuz. Really? I couldn't catch THAT?

It explains why he was so nonchalant about Dare's changes. He's dealt with plenty of mutants and aliens and humanoid lab rats and other creatures. I know he's seen weirder things than a little girl turning into a fawn, white panther, or horse.

I actually thought she was supposed to be Mystique with an albino streak for a while there.

So watching old Doctor Who is just as painful as I remember it being. I hope it doesn't take too long to get through Doctor 1. Doctor 2 wasn't nearly as painful as this. And then there's Pertwee, and he was just about bearable. And then there's Tom Baker, and he was funny. And then there was Peter Davison... and he was nice. And then the other two were kind of annoying, but they were okay for the most part.

Anyway. I realize that I like Runaways a lot. I'm depressed that there aren't more volumes at the library.

So I'm seeing a comment here about how the book is for "angsty teenagers" and how the style is marketed that way.

Well gee, I'm sorry that the art actually features what looks like real people, unlike a large portion of "normal" comics targeted at older audiences. I'm sorry that every woman doesn't have big boobs and every male doesn't have muscles on top of muscles on top of muscles on top of muscles. Or that the dialogue is funny and... Whedon did this? Really?

Well. Suddenly a lot makes sense. Ta.


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