Aug. 13th, 2012

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You know, I think David Tennant was describing a smartphone. Honestly. The thing "dings" when there's stuff like emails, text messages, voicemails, calls, updates, and god only knows what else if you turn on all your notifications. Probably ten or twenty different notifications for different apps. I know Facebook has at least three and I'm only glad I turned them all off.

Sure, it can't detect time anomalies and make hens blow up and stuff, but still. Somewhat similar.

So now I'm picturing a scenario where a time lord can sit at someone else's fancy dinner table in the 1920s in the middle of a murder mystery and act like he owns the place. Perfectly ridiculous.

Doctor Who's had ridiculous scenarios since day 1, when he was sending his grandaughter to get schooling in an English school system in the 1960s between trips and then kidnapped two of her professors and took them to see cave men. And then woke the Daleks up. And earned a crush from an Aztec woman and helped end the Dalek invasion on London in the future and many other ridiculous story lines.

But I never really thought about them. Mostly because until Eccleston's turn came around it looked like BBC was borrowing every leftover movie set it could find and using it for some new half-baked plot using as few sets and set pieces as it could.

I forgot how fun Donna was. Rose was interesting and Martha was interesting and Amy's adventurous and all that, but honestly, I have to agree with that review I read. The Doctor and Donna are just best mates, and they're adorable at it.

I miss Mickey. Mickey was fun. Short-lived, too. I mean, he got a couple of his own plotlines, but really? He didn't get enough time on the big screen. Don't miss Captain Jack. He had his moment and it was kind of overkill after a while. How many male companions has the Doctor had in his newest incarnations? Mickey, Captain Jack, Rory, and Donna's uncle (sort of, anyway). So really three. While he's had Rose, Martha, Donna, and Amy. I suppose it's been about even, then.

I swear, everyone who was acting with David Tennant just stood around and stared in awe at David Tennant acting because, WOW, that would be something cool to see in person.

Although honestly, the extras they picked, for the most part did a pretty good job, too.

"Crash of the Byzantium"? WHAT? WHAT? REALLY?

And... that's an Apple keyboard. I know that because I'm typing on one.

I posted the other damn story. The long one. The sillier one. if you can get any sillier than that first one, which was silly enough.

I spent way too long on tumblr. And I'm really hoping that sleeping in a bed where I'm flat will fix my throat and maybe my legs. I have a silly theory by someone who knows nothing about medical science or sleep theory or whatever you call it. So there are beds they make where your head is higher than your feet and you're sleeping in a sort of diagonal. Most normal beds are basically flat. So this was like the opposite of those weird beds. My head was lower than my feet. I've never considered why I haven't seen that before. I have a slight theory that there's something about saliva in your mouth and your throat when you're sleeping and how your body keeps you alive while you sleep. Sure, you can wake up with a dry throat, and it's especially bad if you stay asleep for too long, especially if that happens to be over a few days or more of time. I get a theory that when gravity is working against you, even your body will have issues making normal functions work. I figure that after a night of that the normal dehydration from sleep is a little more drastic than it would have been if I'd only been asleep for one night. I'm glad we only did that for two days. Any more than that and I'm afraid of permanent damage. Probably a bit too pessimistic, but well...

Then there's the other problem. So I had a thought a long time ago about why we don't fall out of our beds after we leave cradles who have nice walls around them to stop babies from falling out of their beds and bashing their little heads in. Most adults don't have that, especially if you're outside of a hospital. I think Dad answered me, and I guess I should have figured it out. You just learn it. I have no idea how. I guess it's something you learn from a cradle: stay away from the walls, because it's uncomfortable to sleep against a solid surface (unlike a good pillow or a soft mattress - that's why people complain when a mattress is too hard or a pillow provides no cushion against the floor). Heck, when I used to fall asleep against my lunchbox when I was little I'd wake up with a pounding headache. Learned that lesson pretty well.

So while you're sleeping, most of the time, your body has learned to react to most anything you do and keep you in the bed. Or most of you, anyway. I have a theory that my legs were fighting the odd gravity of the bed, which was probably pushing me back into the headboard. Of course, I didn't wake up with my head stuck under the couch or with all THAT much of a headache, like I'd bashed my head in overnight... so I'm guessing my legs were under an unusual nightly strain to keep me in my relative proper place while I slept. Because I've been walking and standing and not spending an abnormal amount of time in any odd kneeling or sitting positions. I figured that was what it was from. But I didn't start feeling this way until after I went to sleep on Friday night.

So I'm really hoping I wake up tomorrow and my throat is fixed and my legs feel nice and refreshed. Drinking tons of water and walking around a lot and relaxing my legs in different positions didn't help.

My other theory is that the sauce on the BBQ I ate screwed with my throat. While this is a possibility, I downed an AWFUL lot of water Saturday, and I didn't eat any more of the stuff until this afternoon, and I STILL had the problem throughout yesterday and today. Even now. I had an entire glass of milk and drained a bottle of water today! And it still just hurts.

So I'm tired and I think I'mma go to bed. Maybe after grabbing as much to drink as I can before I go to sleep.



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