Aug. 14th, 2012

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Yes, I finally finished "Bridge of Birds"!

I really liked it. I started it liking it and then I kind of waffled and then, now that it's done... I like it a lot. It wasn't a "my sides hurt so much and I can't stop crying from laughter" book, but it did make me smile quite a lot. Which is also good.

So it's onto the next Sherrilyn Kenyon book!

Which... is about 12/21/12 being the end of the world.

Wait, what?

Oh, it's not the whole "Mayan" thing... okay. That's... um...

Well, whatever. Maybe it's good. Or bearable, anyway.

So I had a stupid moment. I sent out a couple emails asking people about stuff today. As is typical of emails. I then didn't get back on the computer to check my email until later this evening. And everyone replied!

So I had this moment where I thought "now, wouldn't it be nice if my peers would be like..."

...people who are paid to answer emails like this? Yeah.

So there it is.

I watched the closing ceremonies for the Olympics today. It was okay. The Spice Girls was the best part. Although I was very amused by the fact that the Bee Gees' song, from an all-white, all-male band, was covered by two black men and a woman. It's a writer thing. I've read quite a number of essays and been involved in a lot of discussion about the use of diversity in writing. (Also I rant about it a lot) And from there, diversity elsewhere. So it's interesting to see how the Brits incorporated diversity into the Olympics.

I'm so glad that there's been so much improvement since Doctor Who in the 60s. So glad. This... is very painful to watch. It's like watching the original Star Trek before they revamped it a little.

Not much ranting for tonight, I suppose. Really really sleepy.



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