Aug. 21st, 2012

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So on the list for the afternoon rant: new Pandaria cinematics, Diablo 3 WTF, music, and deviantart. And maybe other stuff, if I'm THAT bored... I do have a lot of Harry Potter to listen to, yanno.

They released some more Pandaria cinematics. Two involved when the Pandaren pick a side and enter the main government building of Orgrimmar/Stormwind, in preparation to meet Garrosh/Varian. The Garrosh one was... ehh... it was okay. I really liked the Varian one. It was quite interesting to see how they've advanced in technology use.

For some reason I've actually been a mood to play Diablo 3 lately. The mood quickly dies whenver I try to make much advancement in my Demon Hunter's progression... but, well... eh. Basically I've ended up focusing on my monk and creating yet another new character. This time I tried out the... warlock? Wizard? Whatever the magic caster is who isn't the witch doctor. She's pretty fun, actually (although I am very not impressed, again, by the armor skin for the women. It's bad enough that the demon hunter is ALWAYS wearing heels, the poor woman, but I keep seeing the "pants" my wizard is supposedly wearing, and then looking at her character model, and all I see is a sort of sash thing, like she's wearing a badly mangle sweathshirt around her waist. And then nothing but thigh between her waist and the top of her boots -headdesk-). She has this really neat attack where she throws like... balls of power of some sort, and it looks like a mini galaxy. It's really pretty! She also has a sort of icy-ray attack that makes me think of the Sailor Moon R movie  when the senshi are killing off the plant masses on the meteor and, well... I find it very funny. Also, when I first hear her voice I thought "OMG IT'S AZULA!" (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Aang"). She's voiced by Grey DeLisle, who has voiced not only Azula, but also Vicky ("The Fairly Oddparents"), Daphne ("Scooby-Doo"), quite a few characters in "Samurai Jack"... and quite a few other cartoon voices that it's just... wow...

So that was amusing.

I'm trying to clean out my iTunes because I keep getting reminded that I have all of this music on there that I never listen to. I understand the point of having it so that if I feel like I will listen to it. But there's stuff on there I put on there that I have never listened to anywhere else. I don't even know what it sounds like. I've gotten rid of like five or six CDs this past month by going through the stuff. MORE DISK SPACE WOOT!

Well let's see... almost a full Britney Spears CD (between two CDs I chopped out half of each disc; DON'T JUDGE ME), at least one Babylon 5 CD, an entire audiobook that was just unbearable and I'll just grab the library book itself sometime rather than listen to that, and about an entire Now That's What I Call Music CD (or more, since those are long), since I chopped out at least half of the two CDs I had. And never listened to full way, even before iTunes was around. An entire Spice Girls CD that was just... weird. A number of duplicates. Some Doctor Who. Fringe. A couple other soundtracks. Also finally got around to listening to some stuff to at least make sure I liked them enough to keep them, like "Atonement", a few Babylon 5 soundtracks... some other stuff. Did I mention that this is a PAINFULLY slow process?

So now I'm tackling the Harry Potters. I know that I like at least some of the music. The original theme is something I've always loved, and I remember liking one of the last two movie soundtracks. I also seem to recall that I looked book 4's soundtrack, but that might have been because Dad played it so damn often in the car on my way to school (or wherever we drove) that it just stuck there. Have I mentioned that he traumatized my childhood through that movie?

So, for some reason, I finally decided to go to my deviantart and update my pointless journal. I can spend hours updating here and I don't post anything. I don't see the point of having something there.

And then I decided to go through the archives, which were far more extensive than I had previously thought.

And then I realized that, at least initially, the journal hadn't been entirely pointless. I'd been posting writing there. Quite bad and incomprehensible writing, to be honest (beyond the grammar and bad writing style, I hadn't bothered using spell check, hadn't looked over my work, and seemed to believe 'doubt' has a 'gh' instead of a 'b'...), but writing, nonetheless.

So I went through to see if there was anything worthwhile. And so I deleted about half of it and edited most of the rest so it was comprehensible.

I should really be working on my LSAT homework. Or trying to get this police volunteer application in (because it's evil and I can't seem to get it to work). But I want... to play... Diablo 3...




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