Aug. 23rd, 2012

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I seriously think this is like... some repressed craving that resulted from not playing it for so long.

This has happened with me with WoW. At least twice. It happened last semester when I got my druid to 85 and starting doing dungeons with her and then started getting back into doing stuff with my main and, then it happened a while ago (I forget when), when I brought my shaman and my warlock up to 85 and leveled their professions and started healing with my shaman...

Don't know when it'll die out. Probably when school starts and I'm swamped with work and club stuff and studying and hopefully a job somewhere and friends to visit and ahng out with and... stuff. Also LSAT studying and things.

Also maybe when Pandaria comes out. Although maybe not, cause I'm kind of leery of another xpac. Competition is crazy and there's bugs everywhere.

One of my favorite blogs on tumblr is the Eschergirls blog. It's just so hilarious. As an artist, feminist, comic book fan, and writer... it's interesting in many ways.

So I was rereading some "Yu Yu Hakusho" (oh yes, I do call myself a feminist and I read that) and then some of the republished Sailor Moons. I was thinking about the art. The art in YYH is kind of... meh. Most of the time. It's okay a lot. But, well... it's not very amazing. There's a lot of missing backgrounds, bodies follow action lines more than actual body lines... Demons are, well... odd. Like an assortment of costumes stolen from an old Hollywood props stage. I suppose that fits the whole "demonic" bit, but well... they're a little over the top and just... not drawn very well.

[Doctor Who] So they're trying to get manacles off Ian. So they've got a rock. I was assuming this was to break the chain in the middle. So he smashes the rock twice downward, and then tugs the leather cuff off.


So anyway. Art. I was looking through the "Sailor Moon" comics and I thought that thought I've thought before when reading through Eschergirls. "Someone drew this, then sent it along to the next-stage person, whoever it was, and thought it was satisfactory."

Now I know that the manga wouldn't be the same without the art. There are quite a few scenes that are downright beautiful.

That doesn't mean that the majority is good. Because it really isn't. I would have loved to seen it redrawn. I don't know that I would have enjoyed it as much. But I would have liked it in some way. It would be EXTREMELY interesting to see things in proper proportion.

I know asking for the senshi to be given some sort of practical fighting uniform is a ridiculous request that will never be granted in cannon. Or, you know... using powers that are actually related to the god or goddess or planet named and not some generic ability that probably just sounded cool at the time or matched cookie-cutter team story design. Or maybe making the senshi actually intimidating or... mostly intelligent.

You know, there are a lot of things I could ask for. The thing I see as easiest and most easily gotten is better art.

[Doctor Who] They're making slave girls empresses now? The emperor makes EVERY slave girl he has a dalliance (or possible dalliance) with the empress? Really? No, it's just sexism and women being vindictive. THIS SHOW!

I'd love to see all the characters with proper body proportions. I'd love to see them standing in relatively possible positions. I'd love to see elbows stop disappearing and legs stop stretching endlessly and hands breaking and fingers popping out of their sockets and hairlines matching faces and faces looking like actual human faces.

Yes, it's cartoony and manga. That doesn't mean faces have to be completely unlike normal faces and make no sense. Sorry but every book I've read on drawing and art included how to draw in proportion and how to draw real body parts. It looks right, for starters. I don't know that many people who like animating Picassos or Dalis or people who enjoy repeatedly drawing that type of body or face other than, well... Picasso, Dali, or surreal and abstract artists. I don't recall Sailor Moon featuring Picassos or Dalis in particular. I thought they were supposed to be ordinary people. I understand individual artist style, but this is a little ridiculous.

So looooong

There are so many things wrong with this image. It accomplishes the original purpose: at first glance, it looks kind of pretty, and it fits the story.

And then you look at it for a little more than a second or two.

We'll ignore the sound effect "glow" (because that's a sound, yanno), because it's the lame translation that was better written than the new translation with fewer typos but was less accurate.

- In what direction exactly is the wind blowing? I'm assuming there's a wind. It could be coming off of Usagi's scepter, if there's some sort of power spreading out from it. Then I can understand things. Because otherwise there's some wind that's making Usagi's hair blow in the opposite direction of Hotaru's hair and her... butt ribbons. I have no idea what else to call it. Butt bow ribbons?

- It's highly unlikely but not entirely impossible for a scepter to be that long. One might even call something like that a spear with a mace head screwed on top. What's unlikely is that Usagi would be able to hold it with one hand. Even if it were incredibly light, the weight would be too much at that length. Also, it makes no sense for it to be that length in comparison to her height. Yes, the scepter is supposed to be taller than her... but this is WAY too tall. She'd be holding it at least by that knub a ways down rather than where she's holding it now,a nd possibly lower.

Plus, if it's that long, the top couldn't be on there for the lightness. The top would break off. Sure, it's "magic", but actually not really. The Silver Imperium people are supposed to be greatly technological. They'd have built and designed this thing, whatever it was. Designing something ridiculous like this is just... stupid.

- Assuming that the scepter is accurate, the arm holding it is not. Her lower arm is far too long and too large for her upper arm. Her arm should probably be thicker overall in the first place, but it's just completely inaccurate drawn like this. It's more likely to fall off than hold anything, let alone something like that god-awful long scepter.

- At this point, Usagi is supposed to be in Middle School (from what I can remember - they get into high school next arc). I'm somewhat certain that her legs are far too long in comparison to her upper body (hard to tell with an empire waist dress)... but she's far too tall for someone who's probably fifteen or sixteen (MAYBE seventeen) at best. Yes, there are really, really tall people in the world who happen to be in Elementary, Middle, and High School. I know quite a few. But Usagi isn't especially tall. She's actually one of the shorter members of the SM cast. According to this one entry she's... 4'11". Wow. I thought she was at least five feet.

Drawing height accurately is probably very hard. Drawing a rather short person in comparison to a tall person is... not. Or at least someone who draws professionally should know how.

Hotaru isn't all that tall either - she's supposed to be a bit younger than Usagi. But they actually could be rather close in height, according to this image.

- Now there's Hotaru. Hotaru and her poor "I eat one cube of cheese a day" diet. I didn't realize the senshi were wearing stiletto heels, either. Poor girls. And tutus. I thought they were wearing skirts, not tutus. Miniskirts, it's true... but not tutus.

Kneeling woman 1Kneeling woman 2

Kneeling Woman 3Kneeling Women

Here's a number of kneeling women for comparison in the general position Hotaru is in. The last one even looks Asian, like Hotaru is supposed to be. Yes, they're from... wherever the Moon people are from, but they're living in Japan. They're supposed to be Japanese. The live-action show features Japanese actors. None of the characters are considered unusual for Japanese citizens.

Sailor Moon has a problem where the characters have legs that are far too long. Beyond that is the problem that her lower legs are too thin. Her left lower leg is terrifying. It's like all she has is bone. I don't know how she walks on that foot. And where is her right foot hiding? And why is the bow on her chest showing in its entirety when she's supposed to be in profile?

Something funky is also going on with her butt bow. It looks a bit screwy.

This also suffers from that fun artistic technique of removing facial features for certain shots. Both characters have no mouth or eyes. Both don't even seem to have fingers, really, beyond vaguish scribble. Missing facial features is an artistic choice. For this frame, it's probably fine. It only annoys me because I've been staring at it too long. Unfortunately there are many moments where the artist uses this technique very badly. Characters are missing eyes or half their faces are gone for no reason (it's supposed to be artistic but honestly makes no sense) and noses are often gone.

This isn't ALL the art. But, well... it has a number of the problems that a large portion of the art has. Legs and arms tend to suffer. Positions make no sense. In the original the sound effects were rather stupid but that's just a translation decision. I haven't the faintest idea what the new translation effects are supposed to be because they're in Japanese. They could still be just as ridiculous, and only the laughter has changed.

My idea for this is that someone, somewhere, maybe Takeuchi, drew a general sketch for how the scene was supposed to look. And then someone started to fill in the sketch with actual drawing. And didn't try all too hard to make things fit accurate body dimensions. Because I can see this as the outline of a sketch, demonstrating body movement, positioning, outfits, and what's generally going on in the scene. I see this as people adding detail to a sketch, not creating a drawing based on the suggestion.

It's sad. And it really, really makes me look forward to the new anime. I wonder what the art will look like. Hopefully it will be a big improvement from the original anime, which was an improvement from the manga, at least (although still problematic in many cases).




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