Aug. 28th, 2012

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So I drive a little Rio5 Kia, right? It's like the Kia's version of the Honda Fit. It's really small. I don't have a trunk, I have a hatchback.

So I'm driving this, and it's late. I'm on the freeway, and it's 10:50ish at night. Real dark. Not many people on the road at all. The car has like no acceleration and I'm a little timid so I don't drive all THAT fast and I stay out of the fast lane, but I'm fast enough to be in the middle lane, and I don't bother anyone there anyway. No one to bother.

So I'm assuming this was a coal truck or rocks truck or something (you know they're really tall and can carry like a crapton of manure and coal or whatever it is they're carrying around). And it got RIGHT UP NEXT TO ME while I'm driving.

And then I notice that he's flashing his lights at me. He did this like five or six times.

I know that when cops do it (at least when I've seen it happen) it's because they're asking you to either move out of the way or speed up so they can get where they need to go.

This dude wasn't a cop. He had two COMPLETELY EMPTY lanes to pick from FOR MILES. If he wanted to get around me, he was perfectly able.

But he kept doing this.

I say that I'm assuming what he was because I honestly have no idea. I'm judging by the height of the vehicle and what I saw when he got REALLY close because the moron (in case it wasn't made clear) wasn't paying proper attention to the road.

Also, when a car of that height has their brights on or flashes their brights at a car of MY car's height... it doesn't work. At all. You know why? Because EVERY PIECE OF GLASS IN THE VEHICLE LIGHTS UP AND GLARES IN MY FACE SO I CAN BARELY SEE THE DAMN LANE LINES, let alone any OTHER cars around me.

Yes, that will CONVINCE ME TO MOVE. I'm just going to dive into whichever lane I pick first without knowing whether there are even CARS there or SIGNS or WALLS or anything in the WAY because you keep flashing your damn lights and REFUSE TO MOVE. I am going to RISK MY LIFE because you are too LAZY and STUPID to make a LANE CHANGE.

I am really, really, really incredibly angry about this. FYI.



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