Aug. 31st, 2012

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I am so deeply looking forward to seeing an animated Sailor Moon made in the 21st century. Many people do not understand my obsession with this. Heck, I don't even understand my obsession with this. This show was always my sister's thing. I liked Pokemon. And then I stopped caring about either and fell in love with Rurouni Kenshin and actually read some decent fiction for the first time in my life and realized how freaking stupid I was as a child when it came to choosing well-written stories.

Maybe it's that "it could have been so great - it had all the proper elements" nostalgia people have of old TV shows and movies they watched when they were little.

SM could have been amazing if Takeuchi had been given tons of assistants and some more time. And access to the Internet. And if this stupid anime had not been marketed to little kids.

Oh, sorry. I was nine years old when I first saw and then fell in love with Gladiator (silly a decision as that might have been). The Ridley Scott movie. I've also probably seen a grand total of three episodes of the Pokemon anime, all of which I hated. I thought the movies were fun. I never learned the card game. I've seen a grand total of four shoujo anime/manga: Sailor Moon, Trinity Blood, Alice 19th, and Tsubasa. And I only grew up with Sailor Moon. I only read the others in high school. I couldn't stand the bright pink happy crap when I was little. Here's the order of manga I read when I was little: Sailor Moon, Pokemon (which was ridiculous, even back then, and made no sense), and then Rurouni Kenshin.

I'm very confused about why the Black Moon Clan thought they would survive screwing with the future as much as they want. They're more likely to just destroy past Earth and then the current one will have never existed, in which case they'll have never been born. In which case they'll have made a paradox. In which case the solar system would probably just explode.

I wonder if the possibility of forming a paradox creates heroes to stop such things from occuring. Like... the senshi in our solar system are around to stop the Black Moon Clan from destroying the planet and by extension, the Solar System. I need to stop doing these so late.

So there's a moment where Esmeraude says "I couldn't stay far away from the person I love for long," and then we get a close-up of Dimande, and he turns his face away, towards the camera, and gets a random eye glint with a "flash" sound... for no apparent reason, and then turns back to Esmeraude and orders them away. WTF???

Why do I like them still? Oh, to see what changes they'll make partially. It's sure to be interesting, whatever they choose.

So anyway... I wonder if I've said this before... but it's possible that they could make some important plot changes with a revamp. Sailor Moon is a relatively old manga getting a pretty late revamp. Heck, Fullmetal Alchemist wasn't even complete when it got its second animated series. SM is looking at at an anime being created based on itself fifteen years after its manga AND anime run were completed. I don't know of many animated adaptations like that outside of old fairy tales like what Disney does or what some people do with mythology. Some books recieve such treatment, but that doesn't seem to work with anime. I'm guessing this is one of the first looks at cult anime or something. Cult that isn't recent, anyway.

InuYasha would be close, but its anime finished two years after it was over, and the manga only finished in 2008.

So anyway. One of the changes they could make would be... getting rid of Pluto or replacing her with something else. They could. There are a number of different ways. They're all a little odd in some way, but they're doable.

But there's no reason to get rid of Pluto. The story is already there. And she's not the only senshi who doesn't represent a PLANET. The TITLE CHARACTER being a prime example of this, as well as the Amazon Quartet (who represent, like Pluto, asteroids), and the Starlights, who represent stars. There is already precedence for senshi representing things that are not planets. Pluto could just be keeping Sailor Moon company. Plus, having a sentinel THAT far out in our solar system kind of makes sense to me. That's a distant line of defense so we have a good warning system. So they chose to give her some rock past Neptune because all the planets were taken and Proxima Centauri was too far away... big D. She could draw power from the cultural connection of Pluto on Earth, the solar system's only inhabited planet outside of the Earth's moon (as far as I'm aware). It's been done.

I also really hate the TV show. It oversexualized and insulted women a thousand times worse than the manga ever did.

Japan. I don't think "promise ring" means what you think it means. And it's really, really, really creeping me out Japan. And I watched Gurren Lagann for fun.

Honestly, it made Usagi far more of a lovesick girl whose life was ruined for most of an arc because he turned her down. I suppose it gave Mamoru more of an "involved" role in the story, other than Chibi-Usa's dad and then almost-sex-toy, but seriously?

Also, Esmeraude was in love with Prince Dimande in the manga, but honestly? We never got THIS type of "insight" in her character. She's stalkerish. And the Ayakashi sisters were given LOVE stories and they just wanted to "beautify" the world? Only one of them was connected with a man in the manga, or ROMANCE, for that matter, and that was the last one! And that was a brief kiss on the shoulder that shocked her! None of them were defined by that - they were defined by their power, their idealism (screwed-up crazy idealism is idealism) and their willingness to follow orders and take revenge for their siblings. So they all had crazy fashion sense that I would just LOVE to see gone and replaced with, I don't know, some useful jumpsuit, light body armor thing that a certain group of SENSHI should have, too.

Oh, I forgot, all people of the future are like cyborgs.


You know, I think it's also one of those "see it to the end" things, like with Naruto and Bleach and One Piece. Because that's all it's turning into at this point.



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