Sep. 6th, 2012

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Oh hello there!

Haven't been here in a little while. I think. Eh.

So! Stuff and things!

Supernatural's season 8 trailer is out. Last time on Supernatural, Dean and Cas were sucked into Purgatory, the Asian kid and Meg were stolen by Crowley and Sam was left, on his own, in a Leviathan-run business building. Or whatever.

And, in typical Supernatural fashion... those problems are solved, apparently! Most likely in the 1st episode, if they're holding to formula.

What? When did this happen before?

Warning, massive spoilers ahead (if anyone other than me is reading this):

Oh, we thought all the living Winchesters were dead/near-dead at the end of season 1. Season 2 opens, and we discover that Sam and Dad are fine! Dean's not. What happens? Dad dies, Dean comes back. That episode.

Season 2 magically escapes formula. Possibly because of the episodes leading up to the finale, where Sam was dead for all of... the last few minutes in the episode where he died, the credits, and the start of the episode after.

Season 3 finale, Dean gets dragged to hell (see results of season 2 finale).

Season 4 opening... Dean shows up! Alive! Healthy! No memories (or so we're led to BELIEVE... dundundun!).

... Yeah! On a side note, Hey Cas!

Season 5 finale: Samifer gets tossed into the pit with... Adamichael? (We'll work on that). The door shuts behind them. Oh no!

In like, the final scene of the episode, we see Sam looking in on the happy Dean Adopted Family moment. Also creepily smiling.

Wait, what?

Yes, yes. It's a thing.

Season 6 opening... Sam reveals himself to Dean! On a side note, formerly possessed (and dead) maternal Granpa is alive, too! Woooo!

Season 6 finale: Cas... becomes "God". A really, really evil god. Of some sort.

Season 7 opening: (to be honest, the opening was pretty hawt, for reasons) Cas goes nutso, gets help from Team Free Will to get rid of some of his crazy, and then... dissolves into the water, freeing the trapped souls empowering him into the water system to become the villains of season 7. On a side note, Sam is sorta crazy from being trapped in the cage, with his soul back that was ACTUALLY in the cage, and minus Cas' help to, you know, ignore those memories.

Season 7, episode 17 (to be fair, it's past the season's half-way point, although I dislike this for other reasons, as do fellow fans): Sam's gone nutso. So... Cas takes the nutso into himself, freeing Sam of the nutso, and becoming nutso! Again! Except less evil! More like a hippie constantly on crack.

Yeah. There's not even a minor explanation on how this works or like... if Cas is trying to fix it or what Sam's nutso looks like to Cas, beyond a short cameo by Lucy in Cas' head. It's just "okay, we want Sammy not crazy anymore! ANGEL DEUX EX MACHINA TIME!" Or it's some commentary on how mental problems, phobias, and insanity can be fixed in simple ways. Which is what I really hope they're not saying. Lucy is not REAL.

Yes, he could have been. I would have loved to see something where Lucy fastened a piece of himself onto Sam's soul, so that when Death brought it back, he brought back a piece of Lucy, too. That would have been AMAZING story material! Amazing!

Yeah, a little cheesy, possibly involving Sam "conquering his inner demons", which also can't happen that simply, because, well... things don't work that way. You don't erase a lifetime of pain by killing something. That's how murderers and serial killers think.

My point, though, is that Lucy is not REAL. Lucy is a creation of Sam's imagination. Which has a strange amount of reality for something that really isn't real. There is nothing for Cas to MOVE. The only thing I can see Cas doing is, I don't know... switching souls? Which is weird on all kinds of levels. I mean... Sam's half-demon, half-human... and now possibly part-angelic? Huh?

I also thought that the thing about angels is that they don't HAVE souls. Or they're ALL soul. Whatever a "soul" is made out of. That's why, like demons (who have a similar problem, although they're like, corrupted soul), they need meat suits to interact with stuff in our world. So if Cas were to "switch souls"... he'd either be possessing Sam himself... or... well, that's about it. He'd be possessing Sam himself.

The overall point is that one of my big axes to grind with Supernatural is that they don't keep the big problems as PROBLEMS for long periods of time. The characters don't SOLVE them onscreen (mostly). They are solved in short periods of time, and often completely OFF-SCREEN. Dean getting dragged to Hell, Sam being alone (technically), Samifer getting tossed into the Pit (also, Alex? Anyone?), Cas going crazy (the first time), and now at least Dean getting thrown into Purgatory, and... Kevin? I think that's his name... and possibly Meg (JUST DIE ALREADY, JEEZ! You've outlived EVERY SINGLE major cast member on the show, and no one likes you! We like CROWLEY and the head of every evil group more than you!) are just... back.

I understand that they give explanations. There is still problem solving.

But it's almost like big arcs are put aside for formulaic show material. There have been assorted complaints to SPN concerning show material. It's too formulaic (sexy scooby gang killing monster of the week) and isn't putting out anything original, it's not fitting form enough (hot guys killing monster of the week) and sticking to big arcs... I mean, come on! I know that it's hard to juggle these things.

There's also the problem that tackling these issues the way I wish they had would be pretty bad for the show. Possibly. At least what it's supposed to be.

To tackle Dean being stuck in Hell onscreen, you'd have to feature the boys not being together. If they were communicating, it would be kind of lame, especially considering the only forms of communication we've seen between people in our realm and those down below are pretty gruesome. I understand Sam's desperation, but... yeah, no.

To tackle Sam being in the cage... uh... I mean. I don't know how they'd fix that one. We'd have a missing Sammy for a while. Plus, if Lucy couldn't get out, why could Sam? Even WITH Michael's help.

Just... sigh... yeah, "I" can't figure out how they'd deal with these problems and still give plenty Sam'n'Dean time to the fans, but I'M NOT GETTING PAID TO COME UP WITH PLOTS AND SCRIPTS!


Totally not what I was going to rant about.

So I saw Lilo & Stitch, at long last. It was cute. Not "the best thing ever", but it was cute.

I finally made one of my classes laugh! Intentionally! And then I kind of ruined it by being awkward! But still! Hehheheh!

I'm really just procrastinating. A lot.



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