Sep. 10th, 2012

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So here's how Shiten SHOULD have reacted to Kaos talking to him in person for the first time:

Kaos: "Your armors all started as one armor."
Shiten: "Wait, what? I thought we were talking about my armor and how Arago mindfucked me or something? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY WERE ALL-"
Kaos: "Nope, leaving dramatically! Bye!"
Shiten: "What the f-!?!?!? Asshole!"

The translator for the sub did really badly with this.

Also, Toma has a really stupid helmet. Just sayin.

You know, there's a couple things I'm noticing here. The Demon Mashou are pretty loyal to Arago. They seem to believe that he cares about them as people or something. There are plenty of characters who can be loyal to a higher power but still now that they're just around for their use as pawns and it's all a power play. Whoever is the most useful gets promoted. Being loyal gets you power, so they stay that way.

But the Mashou really seem to have a sense that Arago cares beyond that. Like in a beloved underling sense or something. I don't know.

That's... interesting.

Vathara just came out with a really awesome chapter for Embers today, so working on the fic I have is really on my mind. Also, this project goes beyond what could have been. I want to understand what was set up here in the story, beacuse I evidently missed a great deal. Every time I watch the show, I learn something new.

Also I just had to turn in a short story for class (that was really, really terrible, really), so... writing decent stories and understanding how to make a decent story is kind of on my mind.

So Ryo can read Kaos well after one meeting? Since the others can't do it, I'm assuming it's not a Japanese language v. English language thing. Does Ryo understand people better for some reason? Is that something he knows as a person or is that something he learned from his armor?

Thoughts for the future.

So, forehead symbols.

I'm really starting to get annoyed with these things.

There's a commonly used item in fiction of some sort of symbol appearing on an empowered person of some sort, pointing out there birthright or a sort of power. More often than not it's located in the center of the forehead. Think "Sailor Moon".

That is one sturdy-ass bridge thing Kaos. You don't go halfway, do you?

Forehead symbols can also be marks of status. Something painted on for recognition. These marks can also be located elsewhere on the face - perhaps on the cheek, around an eye, or even as a sort of overall tattoo covering the majority fo the face.

Marks of status I have no problem with. Humans have long used facepaint as a status symbol and intimidation tactic (this I also approve of).

Thing is... humans put those there. We choose to stick them there. Most likely because it's a spot that's least likely to be covered and most easily seen outside of battle. It isn't our bodies choosing to put a mark there or something set there by genetics.

With forehead symbols, they're typically just... there.

Do we ever learn why moon kingdom citizens (and only the blood royalty, really) get little crescent moons on their foreheads? No. Mamoru doesn't have one or get one when he becomes King Endymion (or Usagi's consort, whatever). None of Usagi's senshi get one. Minako's was fake - I'm assuming it was, in later canon, a mix between confused memories and illusion to protect Usagi by serving as a double for her.

For some reason, Luna, Artemis, and Diana have them. This could be a marked servant of the royal family status symbol. We never see Diana's birth - we don't know when or how she inherited it. The three are not natives of the Moon or even the Sol System (I'm assuming, since we don't have a planet "Mau" anywhere nearby, unless that's a new name for Proxima Centauri I haven't heard of, and we're now sticking Proxima Centauri in our solar system, as a planet).

The frequent explanation for forehead symbols is that SOMEONE marked them that way, as a "Chosen" one of some sort (see "Harry Potter", although that's a little derivative from the norm, which typically concerns a god of some sort marking someone to be their messenger in the mortal realm). The forehead is, again, an easy spot to see, especially on infants, when the marking is most frequently made.

Okay. Sure. I understand that.

There are genetic factors that can cause different markings on a person's body, like freckles and oddly-colored skin. But I don't know of anything that can form a specific character SMACK DAB in the center of a person's face.

Let me tell you about someone I know. He has some odd happening in his forehead to where, if he focuses hard enough, he can make the veins in his forehead stand out and form a Shin - a letter in Hebrew (or at least that's what we call it).

This is the only scenario I know of. MAYBE I's or W's or N's or M's. But other than that... people are kind of screwed. And it's really painful when he stops doing it, so I think that it might cause some very bad physical damage to an infant if they were born doing that constantly.

Also, what purpose does having a spell to make a symbol appear on your forhead have, other than a minor parlor trick? It's a ridiculous waste of power (and time learning it). And something like that couldn't just happen without focusing on it, like it does in basically every case. It can appear when a character is focusing their power intensely... but there has to be some effort to, say "FORM POWER SYMBOL". It doesn't just... SHOW UP. No. I suppose it could be an EXTREMELY early exercise for forming body shields or writing symbols in the air or a sort of focus technique. If it was learned as a basic skill, it might even pop up in the course of doing other skills. If you had a protection spell that was special to you that you used in conjunction with all your other spells to avoid backlash (looking at characters using purely energy-based powers), then that symbol might show up all the time. Having it on your forehead keeps it less visible than elsewhere (for enemies) and it gives you a clear line of sight to look for other stuff (because it's not in your way).

But that doesn't seem to be happening here... or anywhere, really. The symbol just seems to SHOW up because of some innate power. The YST have them because they represent their specific human virtue.


Okay then. So anyone who doesn't represent that virtue TO THE LETTER doesn't get one? IWhy don't I have some kanji related to typing or talking or ranting stuck on my forehead yet? Is this thing energy-ist?

"There has to be a lot of energy involved."

Okay, outside voice that really doesn't make sense. Sure. ...Why is that energy being directed that way, again? I'd think that the energy would be directed to, I don't know, protecting the bearer or forming an attack or, well, ATTACKING. The symbols don't DO anything. They just show up.

If it's a defense mechanism to mark a person visible to allies... okay. I understand that. I guess that it's better than being stuck on a palm or an arm, or even your back or chest. Again, it's more likely that people will see it there, and if you lose your head, well... you're kind of dead. Your chances are better without a limb.

But then it should only show up if someone else is looking at you. Then it probably wouldn't be visible to the naked eye, but only to whatever sixth sense person B is using to stare at you, or just the world in general. It shouldn't just pop up cause it's bored. That might mean that you're being possessed!

So let's say it pops up whenever you're in danger, because making a spell that stays on all the time so people can spot you is a REAL big waste of energy and might kill you because WHERE else is it getting the energy from?

That's STILL a big waste of energy. The people who have these things are in danger a LOT, and the symbol doesn't always stay on the whole time they're in danger. It just pops up briefly and goes away again.

And how does the symbol decide it's "danger time"? A certain level of adrenaline? Heart rate? Does the bearer have to think something like "I'm in danger"? All of these are rather stupid. You can have a high heart rate and adrenaline level without being in danger, and you can forget to think certain things during a better scenario. You'd have to train to think "I'm in danger", and you couldn't keep thinking it for an entire battle. You have other things to think about! Like movement and blocking and dodging and attacking and... stuff...


So yeah.



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