Sep. 18th, 2012

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I've been pretty busy these past couple of days. Well... for me, I guess.

I got a lot of homework done over the weekend. I had to read quite a chunk of "David Copperfield", since I was so lazy with it before. I still need to read through the rest of today's section. I have not read a book this boring in quite some time. It honestly has some interesting events, but they are stuck between such vast amounts of fluff and repetition that it's almost superfluous. For instance, the narrator has spent almost as much time stating that he remembers it all perfectly as he has been relating the plot. Then there were some emails to send and answer. I wrote an article for the school newspaper, finished an analysis of "Ayiti", helped run a first club meeting, went to another discussion meeting, and read and watched quite a bit.

I played Portal 2 for the first time with a friend. It was very enjoyable and pretty relaxing.

You know, much as I dislike the first doctor (and I've probably said this before), it's starting to pick up. There's a lot of the later doctors in him. Contrary to what I used to think, the first Doctor didn't simply fall so deeply into other problems and get dragged along with the tide, doing relatively little. He sees problems and jumps in and deals with it. He takes note of a great deal of little facts and puts them together. It's rather interesting.

I've returned to reading "Runaways" and I've even started Marvel's "Civil War" series, which is really, really, really long. I'm glad I didn't start it ages ago. I wouldn't have known even a quarter of the characters. Now I don't know a fraction of the cast and I'm at least slightly familiar with all the rest. "Runaways" is also pretty fun, still. I really like ChasexGert, and I like the idea of a woman running the Avengers someday, especially someone like Gert, who's just awesome.

I was in the middle of trying to update Parallels last night and I left it going while I slept. And then I woke up and discovered that a) I'd unplugged the computer over night and the computer had thus run out of power and shut down, and b) it couldn't finish updating because it needed more space.

So I have spent over seven hours today clearing stuff off of my computer.

I am very concerned about getting Pandaria now. I don't even have it on my computer yet.

I've been cleaning out music I don't listen to for a while now. Evidently that hasn't been doing all that much. I'll keep at it. Hopefully it will make a difference in the future, because I still do have a long way to go.

On top of that, I've been going through photos. I don't have any big applications to delete (or small ones, really), and photos are on the large scale. I go through my Word and Excel documents pretty frequently so I'll just go through them again sometime soon, I suppose.

I've known for some time that I've had more than one copy of some of my photos. I had my backups from my blackberry, which were spread throughout my normal photo collection.

But that was not the worst of it.

I didn't realize that iPhoto was nearly full. I love how I've never seen the message before, but when I had spent half an hour deleting photos and videos from collections I'd apparently never bothered even looking through once, this message pops up four times.

Whatever. It hasn't popped up recently.

I also finally managed to organize iPhoto. That's a pleasant side effect of this.

So I deleted well over 407 photos/videos from iPhoto. And then I had to go and find all the copies of things I kept and things I wanted gone. I found the duplicates. And the triplicates. And the quadruplicates or whatever they're called. And the backups for the trash.

... Yes. Did I mention that I've been clearing things out for over seven hours?

I've managed to clear off 6.36 GB. Just that much.

... UGH...

I've at least managed to do a practice LSAT and work on some other stuff. Now I need to take a shower and finish reading and go to bed.


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