Sep. 20th, 2012

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So I'm sitting on my quiet concern, contemplating writing bad fanfiction, the shittiness of that time of the month, along with the shittiness of school food, and how much people are disappointing.

Take myself, for example. My first entry on this thing is about falling asleep. Amusing as that was. I documented myself waking up and falling asleep. This was apparently fascinating way back when.

Then again, I'm writing this. So whatever.

I will undoubtedly be spending all night on homework. Le sigh. I may also restart Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Because Sad Eyes is hot and there are fights to be had and love triangles to fail and that assassin dude who REALLY freakin knows how to ride a horse and like... wow...

I've been in an ambivalent mood all day. It happens when I'm not reading or watching anything interesting. I'm reading "David Copperfield", which only wins out over "Gone With the Wind" because it uses satire, and some Irish poetry which has only a couple gems, and all of them are long. I am so bloody bored by this book that I just... UGH... At least half the book has been spent repeating "I remember this well" or something of the like.

And when I have nothing better to do, I watch more of William Hartnell's doctor.



And in my other time, I do homework and waste life doing pointless raids in ICC. It is supposed to take TWO WEEKS to get this mount meta. TWO WEEKS. I've done ICC like twelve times. Completed the whole raid at least seven times.

I. Am. So. Tired. Of. This. I've screwed up one achievement. The others, I did nothing wrong, except not exist in two places at once. As I said before, it is too easy to do every achievement in there.

We weren't able to do the ones I wanted because people were completing the quest for Shadowmourne. I understand that people want it, but seriously? The next expansion is being released next week and people will be level 85-90. A flying mount would at least get used. A level 80 axe wouldn't be. The most it would be worth is for transmorg, and it's honestly not that amazing. The final two achievements are simple on normal, but we did the fight on heroic, and most of us were dead before we could get the second.

... It's JUST THOSE TWO... and the one before, which is nothing.

[Doctor Who] Heh. Hehehehehehehe...  Yeah. Yeah, spaceships on strings. Moving all wibbledly wobbledly down. Yeah, they don't move smoothly. But they certainly don't move like THAT.


"Our forefathers", "men who replace us"... ahh, our vaunted past. "Man", "man", "man". Yes, man creates everything. Man is responsible for everything. I forgot about the point in our past where men were carrying and birthing babies and making all their own food and keeping their homes and making every decision and raising their children who replaced them and any other number of decisions and discoveries. Sorry, but women haven't spent all of history being pregnant and keeping house. Sure, they've spent a large chunk of it that way, but they've done other things. Half of the world's population is female (or around that much, considering that sexuality is a rather vague concept). It would be next to impossible for women to not have done something in their time here. Servants, laundresses, cooks, tailors, nurses, midwives, healers, authors, scientists (in numerous fields)... some of my favorite classics are written by women.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. I finished this stupid show. That only leaves two... maybe three more of these silly things. Then it's on to the second doctor... who was somewhat better, anyway.



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