Sep. 24th, 2012

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Clearing more music out of the library! Hooplah!

I finally listened to the whole Spongebob album.

I was not all that impressed.

Now I'm taking a gander at my Disney albums. I never listened to "Beauty and the Beast", "Snow White", "Pinocchio", "Sleeping Beauty", and ALL of most of the other CDs. A lot of them have ending extras like demos and auditions and things that I just skipped, or there are pieces I skipped over or something.

I never listened to all three of the Dune soundtracks full-way through. I still have to go through "Children of Dune", which I have heard many times, but which still needs the treatment because it's more of a mindless listen through.

I still need to listen to the Babylon 5 soundtracks, and the Genesis CDs, the Highlander CDs, the Keith Urban CDs, all the LOTR soundtracks (which I've also heard full-way through, but never on my computer), The Police CD, American Pie, and the BSB CD, among others, no doubt.


So I just went through my music library. On a whim. I knew that I didn't have everything organized into easy-to-find playlists, so I wanted to see if there were any changes I could make, because if it's not in a playlist, it is VERY unlikely that I'll listen to it, because I'll probably forget that it's there.

I found twenty-five CDs I completely forgot I had. They just DISAPPEARED into my library because they weren't stuck in playlists.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, now I know where all that space is coming from! I don't even know where one of these albums came from. What the heck is "Shinedown" and why are they on my computer? It looks like I listened to them near the end of 12th grade.

I look forward to getting rid of most of this! Hopefully! Maybe! I really, really, really hope I don't keep it all! I don't LISTEN to even a quarter of all of this... it's not like I need it all.

Pandaria is coming out in a couple hours. I don't even... I have some work to do. I managed to read straight through 80+ pages of "David Copperfield" today, and I only have about twenty pages leftover for the day until I'm caught up, at last.

So I can read my usual 41 pages for tomorrow!

Did I mention that I really, really dislike this book? It is so bloody boring. Once you get past the beginning, there is a lot of humor and a lot of fun characters. The satire is a little deeper than what you read in "Oliver Twist", but it also involves some complicated outdated English law that is a little over my head. You don't really need to understand it to get what Dickens is pointing out, but it would really help.

I feel like the only downside to this novel is the length. Dickens could have easily accomplished ALL of this in a book a third the size. I understand that this was not published as a novel, but in serial form, so it wasn't written to be this long, and the length made Dickens money at the time... but UGH... I mean, he does accomplish the same thing in a book a third the size! It's called "Great Expectations"! That novel is like... a quarter the size of "David Copperfield". And it is a LOT more enjoyable, in my opinion.

So I was in class today. This is an upper-level 300 college English course. I have two good friends in the class, and I'm friendly with some other people, but one of my good friends is one of my suitemates and the other is a girl I met in a previous course. So I've been sitting next to my suitemate in the back of the class, while my other friend sits in the front of the class because she has disability issues of some sort.

So she's had issues with the course. I really do not understand how she's planning on passing this one when she really does not understand basic material that ANYONE should know from Elementary or Middle School, let alone material that ANY English major should know, but whatever.

Also, note, she's in the drama department. True, she seems to focus more on costume design and creation than actual acting and other things, but she's very involved there. She's also very into journalism. For some reason.

So today she asked the professor what a "minstrel" was.


She then proceeded to ask what "nationalism" is. And then she asked what "colonialism" is.

I don't even... I just... My head almost MELDED with the desk in a desire to avoid staring at her. My suitemate did a soft head-desk motion.

For starters, as my suitemate has commented, we've been talking about nothing but nationalism in this course since the semester started, which is over four weeks now. Even if you somehow managed to survive middle-class, English-speaking, Maryland education and life without learning what nationalism is, you should have figured it out by now!

As for the colonialism issue... WHAT? Just... WHAT?

We have a second class together on Mondays (Journalism) and we sit together and it's basically wound down to her ranting about things that bother her while I sit and keep my mouth shut because I cannot make any polite comment other than a vaguely agreeable grunt or two.

So today she ranted about how she hates our first English class because the professor is "impossible". She's sorry she doesn't understand a lot of things because she's "not an English major".

I kid you not. That is what she said. Apparently knowledge of minstrels, irony (yes, she also doesn't understand irony, and chooses to be active in the journalism department... I don't get it either), colonialism, and nationalism are limited to the English department.

I was not aware of this.

I just don't want to deal with this. I want to ignore it. She can, on occasion, be a nice person. She can even, on occasion, be pleasant to be around when she's not ridiculously opinionated. To the point where "yeah, I hate feminists. It's all just the same bitching." She can even listen to the occasional counter-argument. And then completely ignore it and go right on anyway, but still! She listens! A little! Ish!



Catching up on some "Doctor Who". It's goodish so far. Hah. Moffat. Nice trick.

You know, people can hate on Matt Smith and Moffat all they want. Honestly, these episodes just end with me wearing a goofy grin on my face.

I say it's a success in my book.



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