Sep. 30th, 2012

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So I feel like this cold is karma for staying up till 3:30 on Saturday to try and get my main to 89. I get her to 25% past 88... which was enough of a pain. My throat feels dry. I've gone through tons of napkins today because I cannot find any tissues. It's made me question where snot comes from, given the whole mass... thing... and I've come to the conclusion that, barring further evidence, I've sneezed out every meal I've eaten in the past 24 hours.

Did I mention that I'm not a scientist? I'm an English major. It's my excuse for not knowing what is PROBABLY a basic biological property of the human body.

Also, I keep meaning to say this, but the human body is really awesome. Yes, I have a cold presently (I think), but it really is awesome. Up until a certain point, it keeps trying to fix problems. When you get cut, your body is already working to heal the spot (or is just quick to start dealing with the problem, assuming you don't have a disease involving clotting problems). Even the way we deal with diseases is a good response system. Your nails break, they grow back. Your baby teeth pop out, you get more. And so on. The human body is amazing.

The extent of my homework for the weekend thus far has apparently devolved to finishing two readings, looking over instructions for two projects and an essay, shrinking another reading to lower the number of pages and printer ink required to print it out, and pick up and put down the school's newspaper, which I technically have to read for tomorrow. Except not really. This has followed me all over campus and off-campus, because I took it with me when mom came up and took me to dinner. And as I apparently commented in a picture on facebook, if my stepfather had shut up for any period of time, it would have been a perfect meal, or as near-to as can be.

So I was watching the "Avengers" today at school. For the third time. Trying to cheer myself in the wake of missing valuable time I could have used for homework because a group of friends had urged me to join them in going and then I was the ONLY PERSON who showed up and I was sick and trying not to cough or BREATHE too loudly or sneeze or sniffle during any quiet parts (which are surprisingly frequent in that movie)... So it's a good movie. I enjoyed it, even the third time around. Even if I didn't get to see the schwarma scene because they cut the film right after the credits started rolling.

But I was looking for some random stuff, instead. I looked for Phil Coulsen in the end SPOILERS - he supposedly is standing in the background in Fury's last scene. Now it MIGHT have been him, but this wasn't HD and it was just a little too fuzzy to be certain. I also listened to the scene where they're all arguing and caught more of the mixed speech than I had previously (but only cause I've seen all the quotation gifs on tumblr, really, and knew what to listen before - still didn't catch everything).

Basically... all it ended up being, most of the time, was me admiring the heavenly figures of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston. Also, Marc Ruffalo is just adorable.

I found a post a while back commenting on movie comic-book adaptations, and the many reasons for why they're awesome. One of which is that they actually contain attractive men. The author then commented that she would watch Hugh Jackman read a phonebook, which I completely agree with. Honestly, I would watch Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Tom Hiddleston read phonebooks. So... yeah.

I did enjoy it though, truly.

I really, really, really don't want to go back to homework. I'm not going back to wow for a bit, certainly. Tomorrow there's a raid and I'll do brewfest and check my plants, but I doubt I'll level to 90 before... I don't know... I've lost interest, at least until I take the LSAT on Saturday.

I have lots and lots of work to do. I have to write an essay, complete some labwork that I would have liked to have completed MOSTLY during class but NO, my bloody stupid lab partner made us take ALL of class time to work on the hard problem so we could ask for advice from the teacher and the lab aide. Both of which were useless. I have to complete a project and this week's homework for that same class, and then we get our midterm, which is a take-home thing (supposedly). I have to read "Bleak House", starting tomorrow. I have another reading of this ridiculous play for another class, which is completely ridiculous and I have no context so I have NO idea what it's supposed to be saying about anything... I have to read at least half the school paper, technically. I really should (but don't have to) write an article for another paper about voter IDs using information I haven't read yet because I'm lazy. I need to write an essay for a scholarship. I need to find a job or an internship and I need more volunteer hours for my honor society.

I find the irony here ridiculous, by the way. You get put into an honor society because you have a good record when it comes to academic achievement. And then, to stay in the honor society, you need to perform extracurricular activities that take away from the amount of time you can spend on your academic achievements.

... HOW does this make sense? Did ANYONE think that maybe people who get better grades are studying and doing homework and researching and what not, and that they don't need to spend time doing some of this ridiculous stuff, and all this will do is make some people hate volunteering, rather than enjoying it?

I also need to practice my chorus music, finish some books I borrowed from Dad, and do lots of LSAT studying...

I'm a little bit very aggravated because my roommate's desk is right next to my bed, so her lamplight was shining in my face while I slept. Typically a light source doesn't bother me while I sleep, and I can just fall asleep after a short while. But I guess that being sick, when I'm having issues breathing and lying in most positions and just very sensitive to light, I really just couldn't manage it until she finally turned out the light and went to bed. But she didn't say anything when I stayed up before, so... yeah.  I didn't say anything. Admittedly, she was reading up until like 2:45, anyway, but whatever. But that means that I probably only got a couple hours of sleep. I've been meaning to ask her when she went to bed, out of morbid curiosity. Since I wasn't watching the time, she could have just been awake till 1:30 for all I know. When you have insomnia, time just DRAGS. If, on the other hand, she really stayed up till like 4 or 5 in the morning (which was it felt like)... I don't know. I'll just sigh.

So I just threw out a milk that I thought was my roommate's. And I have to wonder if she either forgot it was hers, forgot about it, or thought it was mine. Or whether I forgot about. I'm pretty sure I wasn't putting my milk there (since we get some of the same things we've sort of of "unofficially" taken up sections of the fridge, and it was in her section, so I didn't touch it. So it was almost a month old. I'm glad I finally got to it. Thankfully it was never opened. Uggggh wasted food..

I finally finished going through the "Babylon 5" music! There was a lot... and not all that much, really. There were some duplicates. Uuuuugh... but I got rid of them. So now there aren't. Sort of. There's a lot of repetition in the soundtrack (repeated themes and such) so there really still is some soundtrack... and maybe if I gave it another listen to, I'd catch them, but whatever. There's only one song left form one album so... I don't really know what to do with that.

I also listened to most of another album that I put on my computer because it contained Pachelbel's Canon in D. It's a collection of some of his music. I never listened to it all. I'm pretty sure I never even listened to all of the Canon (it's loooong). It's actually some nice music. I'm biased towards Baroque music cause I like busy music. I think. I'm just biased towards it. I don't really know why.

Sigh. Imma go take a shower. Ta.


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