Oct. 5th, 2012

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I was honestly planning to do a lot of LSAT studying and homework tonight. I really was.

I ended up spending way too much time on WoW. I got to 90 and, well... yeah.

So we did some more workshops today and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the choices. One of them was some sort of religious epic like Brust's "To Reign in Hell". Except really poorly written.

Then there was a cutesy story that was cutesy that I was okay with for once. I'm not a fan of cutesy. Worse yet, it was realistic fiction.

But I liked it anyway, so that was surprising. It could use some polish and some more explanation and another look-over or three and some more development and some backing away form some overused tropes I really dislike, but it was a really good start. Considering that most people in the class can't even get a quarter as far, that's saying something. The religious mythological story that read like a bad fanfiction had a half-decent plot concept that I really would like to see edited at least two dozen times, completely overhauled, spread out, further developed, and, well... I mean, it's a good idea. Half of a good idea. Terribly written, but a good idea.

[Doctor Who] So here's a thing. I thought the Angels vanished into the Crack.

Although this could be explained away by the fact that the Doctor and Amy closed all the cracks and so... Rory never vanished, came back as plastic Centurion, and all the Angels were never destroyed.

Oh that's a burn Moffat. That's a burn. That's a dark, evil, nasty burn.

Oh, is River gonna travel with the Doctor now? That's interesting...

The Doctor's bowties keep changing... but I'm a little confused as to how... now it's blue, now it's red. It feels like a mistake, but it's too blatant.

I feel like Amy Pond was an experiment, like almost every companion has been an experiment. I don't really know if it's a good idea to keep things in this pattern... but, well...

They finally commented on the age difference between River and the Doctor, physically and literally. That was interesting.

And now I'm just tired.



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