Oct. 18th, 2012

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It's WoW. Always pick WoW.

So I spent entirely too much of my vacation doing dailies in WoW. And dungeons. Admittedly, I half don't regret the evening/morning before I came back to school, where I stayed up until like 2:30 running dungeons with my new guild, giggling in the background as they all competed to make me laugh because I couldn't talk as it was late and I'd have woken up my Mom who was sleeping on the other end of the very small and echoey hallway.

Also channeling Esther from "Bleach House", apparently. So much hate for you Dickens. So much hate!

The result of all this being that I got some rep up. Hooplah.

I also got rid of my last green for the new xpac. Hooplah. Well, I did that today, but they got me close!

I don't want this to turn into "what I did today on WoW", so, in other news: things that happened elsewhere.

So we were watching this week's "Highschool of the Dead" episode and, amidst it all, I had to take a moment and realize "you know, this is either barely soft porn, or it's not even soft porn. And that's really sad."

Seriously. It isn't even soft porn, and that says REALLY bad things about the world at large. Really.

I'm listening to "Helmet For My Pillow" now, in order to slowly delete it from my hard drive and clear off a bit more of the space I seem intent on filling up over time. I have made a lot of progress - I'm most of the way through the fourth CD! I think it's an interesting read and the narrator's voice is definitely growing on me. I certainly won't keep it, though. I have no interest in rereading it.

I am FINALLY writing my workshop story! I agonized over it over the ENTIRE break and beforehand and yesterday and today and I just... UGH I just started typing and I have like three or four pages now. It's really bad, of course, but it's starting out.

When all else fails, apparently, BE SARCASTIC!

I wrote two entire character bios by being sarcastic. I don't know how but I did.

It terrifies me.

I don't really have any big topics to go over tonight. I've been too distracted by WoW and school work and the LSAT and jobs and the Hillel thing that I don't know about yet and, well... thinking about the whole "not soft porn" thing is the deepest I've gotten in relation to any story in a long while. Which says something to me. I haven't analyzed an image, a book, a show, a WHATEVER... in so long now.

Admittedly, I also have to read 90 pages of Dickens before bed.

Also, for things I've learned about Dickens: he wrote slash, used Victorian bloggers, and it's like he peeked into my current career path and is now mocking me in the form of "Bleak House".




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