Oct. 21st, 2012

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"Once Upon A Time" pulled off another good episode. I'm glad that my sister agrees with me, though: you don't watch the show for the acting. You watch it for the story. Most of the actors have their moments, but overall it's the story.

I am also just NOT getting over how wicked awesome it is to see normal-looking people talking like fairy tale creatures. It's just... fun. I've seen out of place fairy tale creatures in "the real world" before, but they always LOOK out of place. In Storybrooke, these are people who are, well... basically like most other people. They're normal and live normal lives. They just have bigger secrets and more magical past lives than most.

It's just... it makes me happy.

Also, Captain Hook is hot. So, of the three hot guys on this show (Josh Dallas/Prince Charming, Jamie Dornan/The Huntsman, and Colin O'Donoghue/Captain Hook), two of them Irish. Clearly I've been missing out on something here, especially since the two Irish guys are MUCH more attractive than Dallas (no offense, love, you look AMAZING in leather).

So Dr. Whale is Dr. Frankenstein, apparently.


I never saw that coming.

For starters, the story of "Frankenstein" was never in my pool of movies to pull from. The only cartoon I can recall including a reference to the character is "The Pagemaster", and that was produced by Fox, not Disney. But then again, apparently the producers of OUAT were planning to have the protagonist be "Sherlock Holmes" (or at least the town's sheriff... omg does that mean he would have been pushed off a waterfall??), and while at first that sounds kind of weird, especially because they wanted Benedict Cumberpatch for the role, considering his relationship with the character, it's not all that weird when you consider that Disney HAS produced a Sherlock Holmes based story: "The Great Mouse Detective". Which I haven't seen full-way through yet... maybe I should rectify this...

So I go to wikipedia and look up adaptations. And I actually should have remembered this one, although I blame the fact that I didn't even think about stop-motion films for possible Disney canon inclusions. The short film Tim Burton based his 2012 film "Frankenweenie" on was originally created under the Disney umbrella. The recent movie was also released by Disney. So yes, they do own (distantly) rights to the story.

I still want to know where the "Whale" part comes into the picture. Too many character names have been related to their characters for this to pass. "Ruby" (Red Riding Hood), Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin), Mary Margaret Blanchard ("Blanchard" - White; Mary - mother of the savior, Jesus/Snow White, mother of the savior, Emma; also maybe a reference to Mary Magdalene, MM, which... ouch), Archie Hopper (Archimedes - Merlin's Owl, and Hopper - a reference to crickets; both relate to Jiminy Cricket, the conscience), Sidney "Glass" (The Evil Queen's magic mirror), Mother Superior (it's more her sense of authority - she's really the end all on magical authority in the Enchanted Forest), Astrid (Nova... starish names) and so on.

So it should be interesting to see these unfold. The series seems to have a couple of purposes: 1) to take some of the more ridiculous bits out of these Disneyfied fairy tales, possibly in an attempt to return to the dark themes of the original fairy tales and 2) to give a bit more realism to the fantastic.

For instance, there is no ticking crocodile in the Captain Hook backstory (so far, anyway). Rumpelstiltskin provides this role. Captain Hook isn't as ridiculous as he is in the cartoon (which I always thought was a slur towards closet homosexuals, but whatever), and you actually get the impression that this man could be really terrifying. He's changed from stock villain to actual pirate.

Gaston was not an overbearing, ridiculous, misogynistic suitor, at least on screen. The focus was pushed onto Belle and her relationship with her Beast.

Charming ACTUALLY finds the time to fall in love with Snow, and vice versa. It's not a simple love-at-first-oh-he/she's hot. Snow is also actually useful to the seven dwarves, as a fighter and as a friend, and as a leader. And we got some backstory for the Huntsman! Sure, it's a lot less astonishing than I thought it was the first go-around, but it was still fun and tragic and AHH. And the Evil Queen gets a backstory! Heck, RUMPELSTILTSKIN gets a backstory!

It's just fun and I really really really need to get a move on with this workshop story. See, I had something and then I realized "no, no I don't really because I'm just spazzing and I have NO freaking idea on what to write about here...

"So I didn’t have a plan. I did, as I stood there, start to get the seeds of what might, sometime, become a vague step generally in the direction of an intention. I may be stating that too strongly." - Vlad Taltos, always awesome.

... Ta.


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