Oct. 24th, 2012

House of M

Oct. 24th, 2012 12:52 am
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So I finished "House of M", at long last!

I like that I now recognize most everyone on the main cast, and even some of the secondary characters. I've at least seen a couple of the "villains" turned "good guys" elsewhere, and I can piece together bits of their backstories from what I know of elsewhere.

There were some gorgeous bits of dialogue in that story, and some amazing stories. True, there was plenty of bad stuff and, well, the ending...

But that's that. I finished it. I get the whole picture. I have read ALL of it.

On to "The Darkness"! Because "Deadpool" is almost unreadable for me (it's incredibly boring, especially the really old stuff) and, well... if I get into "New Avengers", I won't be able to put it down until the end of "Runaways", and well... that'll just leave me with the choice between "The Darkness" (which is quite awful for the most part, for many reasons) and "Deadpool"... and I want to end on a high note.

So I basically did all of this because I really, really, really didn't want to work on my comp sci project. I still really don't. I'm really angry at myself for not starting this back when all of this stuff was still in familiar in my head. Now I'm staring at a blank screen and I can't remember where to look for a file I supposedly created in the program.

I also went through the "Highlander" soundtracks today and got rid of over half the songs. Part of it was generic music I have in boatloads elsewhere, better done; another part was simply bad; another was uninteresting... and another was just "what? This is... I don't even..." And the rest was pretty enough that it stayed. It really was not much at all. Out of 41 tracks, I kept 16. Wow.

Hopefully I'll actually listen to these.

Funny story today. So I have to get a paper workshopped during class discussion, which means I print out 18 copies of my story and bring into class today, and we discuss it next class. Everyone has to do this twice during the semester. Most people wait until the last minute to make the copies, so most people are late. I've been known to deride people who "should get around to it earlier".

So today I was maybe one or two minutes late to class (I didn't check the clock), and my entrance was very noted. Although I made up by apparently knowing the material better than most of the people there, as well as having done all the assignments for class.

Also, I wasn't late because I was getting the copies.

I was aware that I was pushing time a little when I went to pick them up from the copy center, but I didn't check the time after I left lunch. I somehow walked twice as slow as I usually did from lunch to class, and so was rather surprised to find that class had started.

So now there's a mistaken impression that I'm a hypocrite.

And I am, but still... not for this, really. My tardiness was due to a rather lackadaisical attitude gleaned from a lunch enlivened by a good discussion with a friend, the completed copying of my story, and the hopes of finishing my day catching up work. Not because I waited until the last second to get my copying taken care of.

I don't know.

I'm also more concerned about the ridiculous pretensions of my classmates. They are so bloody quick to label "masculine" and "feminine" and have this idea that there's a singular standard we all have for these categories, and that we should all be shocked when someone steps outside them without blatantly declaring "LOOK AT ME, I'M OUTSIDE THE NORM", which basically related to being non-heterosexual. No one has yet to write about a transgender character, or even a bisexual or asexual character. No one has written about a disfigured character, a mentally challenged character, a midget, a crossdresser... the most we've gotten is a few homosexual couples, who actually haven't been the center of their stories for the most part.

They're so close-minded and I agree with my professor, who has not accused anyone of anything (being very charitable) - the phrases people are throwing around step into the territory of using such things as an excuse for not looking at a work critically. For example: "that's just a woman's writing!" "That's just a man's writing!" "That's how men think!" "That's how women think!" It is an excuse. And at least three people used it today.

I was very good (to an extent, I guess, although no one actually heard or took note of my other comments). I kept my comments pretty neutral in an attempt to stay on topic while sparking some actually intelligent discussion. It was difficult when someone next to me, launching off of one of my own comments, made a blatant falsehood about writing, ignoring at least one and possibly three or more historical periods of writing for her analysis. I wanted to ask "Are you actually an English major? This is just an elective credit for you, right? Cause you can't be an English major. Or even a college student. You just can't."

Another student made a blatantly false claim about "gendered" writing, which I was very nice about correcting. Honestly. It's the most neutral thing I have ever said. Okay, so I hinted at the wrongness. But I wasn't really mean about it. But she honestly always sounds like she's arguing with someone whenever she talks, even when she's complimenting someone. She has an odd strident tone to her voice All. The. Time. I do not get it at all. She also grimaces whenever she laughs, as if she's being sardonic. It's really creepy. So I don't feel all that bad about this, especially since she's leveled a number of ridiculous claims this semester. And I just... I can't get over what she said. It was so... so BAD. So ridiculous stupid and close-minded and INSULTING. Not just to me, but to basically everyone. I don't just mean in the room, but world-wide. It was insulting, in the first part, to men as individuals, and insulting to women as writers.

Since I don't want to just rewrite the whole rant I did earlier, I'll just repost it here.

"Yeah it was pretty mild. I think that was because the speakers talked for less time. For instance, when unnamed persons declared that a certain genderless character was "female because she's peppy", she talked for quite some time, while today she talked for maybe half that time. I just... when the comment relating to what authors write about where "women write about these things" just isn't true. To be true, it would have to completely IGNORE at LEAST the entire Romantic period, along with (most likely) the Gothic and Victorian periods. My issue there was principally "uh, you're an English major right? Cause if you are, you can't be a good one." The first time the "feminine" aspect of the writing was brought up was completely wrong in every way. I have seen countless examples of writing from male authors in the same narrative style. It's a stylistic choice that has a very low chance of being related to one's gender, and it also appears cross-genre. For the "I always need to label gender" girl, there was no explanation for WHY the writing was "feminine". This type of discussion has been repeatedly used in class as if we all agree on what is "masculine" and what is "feminine", as if there is one standard that everyone agrees by, which is by no means true. She repeatedly acts like we should be SHOCKED that no one else was upset by this mislabeling or absent labeling of gender. It's just... UGH. And people DON'T talk about it. I was actually very reluctant to bring it up because a) I could go on for hours about in numerous fields, b) I'm obnoxious in that class as it is, and c) we were supposed to be talking about the book itself, and if I had continued in this vein, it would have further escaped from the book. And this happens A LOT. I am just TIRED OF IT."

"Genetics plays a part in numerous aspects of our behavior, which plays with society's views of who we are and how we should act, and then that goes to how we're taught and everything is mashed together. It does not declare that "this gender shall write with long exposition, while this gender shall write with short exposition". It does not declare that "men shall not think before they act, while women do". That's not how it works. People write in certain ways for numerous reasons, not just because their "gender" made them write that way: 1) they learned to write that way, 2) they learned not to write in a certain way, 3) they enjoy writing in a certain way, 4) it is easier for them to write in a certain way, 5) they have a purpose in writing in a specific way, 6) what they want to do can only be accomplished by writing in a specific fashion, 7) the company they worked for demands that they write this way, 8)8) the editor fixed it to be this way, 9) the audience wants it written this way, 10) they don't know a better way to write, and so on and so forth. Cutting it down to "women write this way because this is how ALL women write" is just... no. No. It's like looking at a set of statistics and saying "this is the only way to read these". Arguing the implications of statistics is a big part of learning about these types of things. Was there anything wrong with the sample group? Was there anything wrong with the questions asked? Who asked the questions? How where the questions asked? Even when looking at language studies, every single study has to be taken with a grain of salt. You could be studying Korean women in a specific neighborhood in an attempt to learn about the language. But maybe they get influenced by the Italian kids from down the road. Maybe they have slang from school. Maybe some of them imitate pop idols. Maybe some of them have speech impediments. Maybe some of them have shared ancestry, and use lingo from other cultures. Maybe some of them moved to the area later in their lives, and so use speech from other areas. I just... too many people in this class seem to have the idea that "this is male, this is female" and that's that. And I can't stand it..."

So yeah. There we go. The fire has kind of died because I'm listening to some very relaxing music right now.

I do have some homework I can take care of outside of the comp sci thing, so this night won't be ENTIRELY wasted.



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