Nov. 3rd, 2012

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I'm going to blame it on the fact that the last thing I did before bed was read comics.

So I'm in my dream. And it's a mix of "Star Wars" meets "Star Trek" meets DC/Marvel. I'm in the middle of a whole crew of superheroes who I vaguely recognize in a sort of Justice League structure, at least insofar as they have a hierarchy and a system of voting people into and out of the group.

There's a war or something going. A lot of espionage. Earth is mostly clueless while riddled with spies. We've got aliens, interdimensional travelers, robots, gods... The whole kaboodle.

So there's this one guy who kinda reminds me of a mix of two heroes I'm not very familiar with in the Marvel universe. One is... Black... Target or something. He's the one who, when he talks, he blows cities up with his voice. The other is this interdimensional hero or whatever who's married to some alien and he's like a champion of some sort. I think his sister is Psylocke. The dude in my dream is like a blend of them.

Now that I think about, I was looking at a poster that included the first guy before I went to bed, too. Least I'm PRETTY sure that was him. Again, I'm not familiar with the Inhumans or his story.

Anyway, this guy was dating some girl and they hung out all over the ship and there was a lot of discussion and angry talking and some fighting.

So an enemy gets onto the bridge or wherever we are in the fake Enterprise/Borg Cube/flying saucer thing we're in, and shoots this guy's girlfriend (who I believe had a name in the dream... but I can't remember it...) and he breaks down. Too much has happened in the war. He's failed too much. He kills the shooter (I think) with a gun. Then we go to earth, and he goes after either the shooter or the guy's cronies, and shoots them with a gun. And then he pulls off a sash he's wearing, and his mask, and lies down in the rain and cries himself into unconsciousness. Or death. I'm uncertain. The other heroes look on, saddened. They stopped the bullets from killing anyone, but they still have a comrade who tried to kill people. They'll have to decide what to do with him later while they deal with the invasion.

For some reason, while I was reading, I thought I was just reading a comic book.


So that was odd.


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