Nov. 6th, 2012

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So yeah! I voted!

It was kind of weird because it was like... not what I expected. Doy.

So there was no line, for starters. Well there was. But there were like four people in it: one girl I didn't know, one of my suitemates, and my roommate. And then me. And it didn't take more than maybe three or four minutes to get through. We handed over an ID card and the voter ID card and then he checked to be sure of something (whatever he was doing) and then he gave us a ballot and then we sat down, filled in some dots, and then faxed it in. And then we went outside, waited like five minutes for the shuttle, and went back to school.

And I got an "I voted" sticker for my boob. Well, for Spider-man, who's on my shirt. The sticker is on his shoulder.

Did I mention that I was ridiculous and managed to stay up until 4:30 this morning writing 8000+ words for NaNoWriMo and finishing "Tiger & Bunny"? I'm pretty sure my suitemates think I'm on drugs. I'm not entirely certain this isn't a dream.

Yes. Yes. Things. I'm pretty sure that the shuttle ride back was mostly silent because everyone was listening to my 4:30 coma status as I discussed silly things with my roommate. I know the driver and his granddaughter(?) were amused.

I don't know why I decided to finish "Tiger & Bunny". I reasoned that I was close to the end and... well... I didn't want to study for the LSAT.

The ending was interesting. There was a lot more support for TigerxBunny in the end, moving a little further from the bromance to whatever. I don't know. It's weird, but I kind of ship TigerxBlue Rose more. Just cause she's adorable and, well... he's lonely!

I also kind of see Bunny as the son or brother/brother-in-law Tiger never had. Also, the guy seems to want friends more than romance at the moment. I don't actually ship him with anyone. But if he wants to wait a bit until Blue Rose is less jailbait and more... well... a little less bad...

And I am perfectly okay with a threesome. BunnyxTigerxBlue Rose. Just sayin.

I am not entirely satisfied with the end. I liked seeing Bunny get a lot of emotional bits that weren't kind of like Batman reruns. There was some blatant mind rape that showed Bunny as very vulnerable and some interesting reactions to hard shocks and some "WOAH I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING"... Also, not mind rape in support of sadistic means. More like "this is mind rape and he literally can't really do anything about it because of reasons".

It helps that I know fewer of the members of show by name than I do most shows, even "Bleach". Which is odd. The end plot caught me very off guard, and I liked that. I seriously didn't see that coming, and it was in a good way. Sorta.

The villain end was a little "eh" and the way Tiger just... lost his powers and went the silly way out and didn't even get a second chance to get his powers back... we never figure out what's with Ouroborus...

I don't know. I'm really not satisfied.



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