Dec. 3rd, 2012

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Well this looks a little weird. Cool, but weird. Go LiveJournal...?

So I had to go home this past weekend to take my car in for a recall and get my computer set up and help Dad pack some stuff. It was okay. Dad was kinda tired and physically hurt and I wish he wasn't hurting all the time... :(

So, randomly, I felt the need to watch "Exodus" (needed my Robert Redford fix), followed by "Stardust" (needed my Charlie Fox with long hair and that sexy adventurer outfit fix), followed by "Starship Troopers", because I watch SourceFed. It was awful. But I watched it. Huzzah.

Thanks to the recall, though, I managed to get through my reading for "Our Mutual Friend", so that was nice. I also didn't have to get some school supplies for my final projects because THANKFULLY we had stuff lying around for me to use. Saving money is always good! I love it!

I have watched a TON of SourceFed. I'm at the point where my watch later list is at the 1 month mark. OMG THAT'S SO AMAZING! I'M SO GLAD THAT I SPEND MY TIME DOING USEFUL THINGS!

I also finished NaNoWriMo 2012 as a winner with 26 minutes to spare! Fourth year in a row! Yay!

I am still not fully recovered from that.

I actually finished NaNo with around eleven hours to spare because I wrote up the prose during class and only got the chance to transfer it to my computer to get the word count at like 11:20 at night. But whatever. I FINISHED! IT WAS TENSE!

I honestly did do a lot of work this weekend. I've read a lot of "Our Mutual Friend". I did a lot writing. I greatly regret "Starship Troopers", but I've been meaning to watch it, so whatever. I watched the other movies while eating meals and writing for NaNo, and then I started packing DVDs and waiting for my computer to finish migrating all its stuff to the new compy and... yeah.

Did I mention that I'm like... written out at the moment? That's probably the wrong word, but that's how I feel.

Back to "Our Mutual Friend"! Only like forty pages left, so... fun!


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