Dec. 12th, 2012

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I think I've figured out the solution. Or at least a sort of one.

It is actually perfectly fine if Hawkeye looks like he's doing a sexy pose when he's transposed into the pose of the female character. Guys can do sexy poses. Guys can be sexy and be silly and be enticing and seductive. Unlike certain beliefs of morons on the Internet, "sexiness" is not a strictly "female" attribute. It's even fine if the clothing he uses is obviously there to show off "teh sexy" and so on. There is no problem with that.

This actually promotes the cause. With Hawkeye, rather than a woman, you can see that the pose (ignoring anatomical impossibilities, discomforts, and action failures) is made to make the character look sexy. It is most likely impractical as a fighting pose. These are poses you would probably see from someone trying to attract the attention of someone else, typically in the search for sex or money. Just look at what strippers do: all of that movement may require a lot of dexterity and body strength, but most of their poses are very open and would not help them in a fight or if they were attacked. Or look at what happens when people try to be cute and play "sexy" with others - they leave themselves very open and typically get surprised if there's backlash. This is not what you want in a fight. You want to be ready for anything and you want to present a show of strength. If you want to hide your strength, then typically you keep a calm pose, not an exposed one. When I look at the Initiative and say a pose looks "stupid", I don't mean that "ew, why is a guy doing that pose?" I mean "are you TRYING to get yourself killed by those eight people pointing guns at you while you pose sexily in the foreground and face the completely wrong direction?" The Initiative is hopefully helping people realize that these poses are not only not strong, but also dangerous for the character in quesiton. There's a BIG difference between an experienced fighter taking down an enemy and having fun while doing so because of the adrenaline, the distraction, or whatever, and an idiot orgasming and making out with their foes in the middle of combat and choosing to show off 'teh sexy' rather than try to SURVIVE the battle.

The point of the Hawkeye Initiative is not to laugh at how stupid a guy looks in thongs or when he's showing off his butt. The point is to completely trash the argument that purely sexy poses/sex imitation poses a) make women look strong, b) are THE strong pose for women, and c) form the majority of female fight sequences. It is also to show how impractical certain costumes are for women. If they're impractical on a guy, then they are certainly impractical on a woman. Yeah, both can look REALLY good in them. They can look REALLY sexy in them. But if this were real, they would be complete numbskulls to choose to fight in them. Not because "that's something a woman should wear, not a guy", but because of problems like 1) lack of protection (boob windows/short shirts that don't cover the stomach, short sleeves, no sleeves, thin cloth rather than light/heavy armor, short shorts, miniskirts), 2) bright colors/designs that make you a target, 3) random bits that get in the way/weigh you down during a fight or when you have to move (extra-long hair, useless metal bits), 4) costume bits that actually could/do hurt the wearer (high heels, thongs), and 5) costume bits that make no sense in the environment in question (bikinis in the Arctic, thongs just about anywhere, dresses on a character who runs for a living).

When I look at the Initiative and I see a guy in heels, I'm not shaking my head because I think "ew, a guy in heels!" I'm shaking my head because I hope people out there who think it's practical for women to fight and patrol and move around a lot of area in high heels are seeing this image and realizing "wow, that looks really impractical and he probably has trouble walking in those." People are so used to the image of a woman in heels that they don't seem to consider the pain involved there - one of the sacrifices for what our culture considers beauty to be. They think "gee, I like women in heels", and then don't stop to consider what women who are ACTUALLY involved in combat wear. They just want the fantasy, which they think is the same for everyone.

When I look at the Initiative and I see a guy in a thong, firstly, my sexometer is going off. Secondly, I can see how impractical it is for him in the same stance. He would not fight that way, because unless he's invulnerable (or happens to the Thing, the Hulk, Luke Cage, Captain Marvel, or Superman), he's exposing most of his body to enemy fire, and he's going to be in a lot of pain when he tries to move around. Why would a woman do so? We wear bras, carry tampons and sanitary napkins around with us and take birth control pills for a living. Why would our gut reaction when we're throwing ourselves into a dangerous situation be to EXPOSE ourselves?

People who think that is a woman's reaction need to remember this: there's a BIG difference between Clark Kent taking off his glasses to become Superman, and Starfire wearing spray-on lines to fight in.


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