Dec. 22nd, 2012

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Yay! Gratuitous almost incest/pedophelia/rape! Well not ALMOST rape, anyway. Just almost "normal rape".

And... a random hug in the sky. Because... uh... it's cool, I guess?

Just when you think this show cannot do anything dumber!

Yeah, you found Kagami in a rather nasty pose with your sister half-dressed in a weird room, and he froze her, and took some of her blood. And you just don't care. You know, I get how it is. We all go there.

Oh, right.

NO, I DON'T FREAKING GET IT. I HAVE NO IDEA. WHAT? You're her fraternal twin, you fucking moron! I'm not even fraternal twins with MY sister and I'd have ten thousand issues with any part of that scenario!

I can think of twenty different scenarios that they could have used to make this show decent/interesting. And none of them require any storytelling technique they didn't have back then, really.

I'm going to finish this show. You just watch me!

I am so tired. All the time. Wish I actually did anything that tired me out for a good reason other than staying awake.

The Drake of the North Wind dropped yesterday. At long last. It's nice, because now I have less to do in a day, but I still have to do the Vitreous Stone Drake run.

Studying, studying. Finishing stupid anime that hopefully improves after a while.



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