Jan. 16th, 2013

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So how did this year begin?

Well, a friend got me addicted to three new webcomics. Which are AWESOME.

"Plume" looks like a Supernatural Western (that reminds me more of Twilight than a classic horror film, but in a good way, if that's at all possible). The art is GORGEOUS, the script is beautiful, and the characters are rather interesting. The story has some interesting potential.

"Knights Errant" is a sort of medieval fantasy story. I can't really give it any other description besides that it defies expectations, and then makes you deeply question why you had those expectations in the first place. Yes, it's a "sort of" big reveal. But it isn't REALLY a big reveal, because you don't have a "well now everything makes sense" moment. You have a rearranging of your understanding because the timeline makes sense, not because of character reactions. The art is rather diverse (since a lot of time has passed and the artist has progressed rapidly), but I love all of it. I also love the script and the characters are just fun. I've reread it so many times now.

"The Fox Sister" is a Korean story about a priestess on a quest to kill a Kumiho - a nine-tailed fox that typically takes human form before murdering and devouring pray. This Kumiho has taken the form of her sister. It's quite touching. The art is also adorable and beautiful and I LOVE the characters.

I read a TON more of "Before Watchmen". I have a better impression of it now, but I can't say that it was fully worth it. Yeah, it was still fun to see all the characters having a romp in 21st century art styles, but the stories were sometimes eh. I feel like some of the authors tinkered a bit too much with continuity for my taste. It is hard to deal with some of the personality shifts I see in the characters between this series and "Watchmen". I really did like the "Nite Owl" story, though. There's also this one "might have been" panel of the Comedian and the Vietnamese woman he impregnated, and Eddie is holding their baby in the air while the woman watches and smiles, all under the sun. It's a small moment of sunshine.

I'm... sort of up to date on SourceFed, at long last! I still have a bit to get through because of what I missed while I was in Israel, but I'm otherwise up to date!

I'm also really tired. I'm not entirely certain if I somehow got really lazy while not paying attention or if I'm still magically suffering from jet lag after being back for over a week.

I finished "Chrono Crusade", which made very little sense. And what sense it did make, I did not care for. "Ayashi no Ceres" still sucks. "Ayashi no Ceres" is what makes people like Stephanie Meyer, who are then inspired to make things like "Twilight". That is how terrible it is.

Aight. Gonna go finish me homework. Ta.


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