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So yeah. I had three club meetings and multiple opportunities yesterday to say "I have to go back to my room and do homework"... and then when I finished WoW and finally took time to do stuff... I spammed my way through all of "The Darkness".


Well, I'm done with it, at least. I will say this: my opinion has improved. While the story is a little odd at times, as well as repetitive, and the art is MOSTLY terrible... it has its good bits. There's an old arc called "Unholy Union", and it had a couple. For one thing, the artist was very good (although not perfect). For another, there are just some adorable moments, like when Jackie speaks to Sara before heading out to defend her from the Angelus and her minions while Sara gives birth. There's the moment when the Witchblade saves Sara's life, and when Hope nukes the Angelus. There's also the simply adorable moment at the end of the story when Sara gives Jackie Hope to hold... and it's adorable.

I'm a little confused about why they kiss... when their relationship in the past has been a mix of aggravation, physical attraction, and... at best ambivalence.

Also, the way Hope was made... basically the Darkness raped Sara/the Witchblade. And also sorta back-raped Jackie (it DOES make sense... really... Since Jackie has had a lot of problems in relation to sex because of the Darkness, and Sara basically threatens to geld him every time he checks her out (which he does a lot).

Sara also seems to be in a very healthy relationship with a fellow cop, and she hasn't seen Jackie in a while.

They also haven't actually seen each other in a LONG time... like a year. Outside of the whole double-rape thing. It honestly was - Sara was in a coma, and Jackie was unconscious.

I find that a little terrifying. Even for what Jackie and Sara have gone through already... I wouldn't just EMBRACE things or whatever. And having a child with someone, contrary to TV and the movies, does not "create love" between couples. In fact, if you look at it enough, love dying happens at about the same rate as love creation in relation to spontaneous baby creation in fiction. It probably happens even more so in real life, especially because of the ways people actually react to the fact that they're going to be parents.

So I'm a little very confused about why Sara and Jackie kissed at the end of the comic.

Then there's the thing where the Witchblade not only saved Sarah's life (does it have an 'h'? I forget), but also... fixed all the problems related to pregnancy... like an inflated stomach, all the blood, a strong desire to be knocked out, pain... and so on. I mean, she was able to WALK, holding a baby, a couple minutes max after she gave birth.

So yeah, there were issues...BUT THE BADASSERY! THE CUTENESS!

So yeah, I dunno.

There were a couple other moments in the main Darkness series where the writers reminds us that Jackie is still like... in his mid-twenties at best. This guy is my age (well slightly older than me - he did start the series by turning 21, after all). I'M IN COLLEGE. I still technically live with my parents. At the point in the story I'm thinking of, he's been a successful hitman, run a large chunk of the mafia, fought at least four or five superheroes, taken over a hotel, and taken over a small country. To say the least. He's also managed to have... 1.5 kids. The second one REALLY doesn't count, but, well... there was sex and pregnancy and birth that makes Twilight look dumbed down so... yeah. I sorta count that one. Yeah, Jackie killed him. But well, whatever. He was evil. There was darkness and disparity and shit. I LOVE YOU TWO BEST FRIENDS PLAY, EVEN IF YOU ARE KIND OF REALLY DICKS!

But anyway, the writers remind us that he's still very young, in a world run by adults, throwing quite a bit of power around. Heck, he's a spare few years shy of being eligible to be a member of the Runaways.

And he brings in a couple adults who CALL him a kid. It's not "you're less powerful/intelligent than me, so I'm going to insult your maturity". It's "you're a kid, even though you never actually got a chance to be one."

And so that was nice.

On another note, my anime club did a showing for "Le Portrait de Petit Cossette" yesterday. Partially because it was the end of Halloween week and LPdPC is technically horror, and we're watching "Madoka Magica" and the creator of Madoka watched LPdPC while looking for inspiration. It's so blatantly obvious, too...

For instance, a character named Sayaka (pronounced the same way) shows up in the first two minutes of the show in reference, and people don't like her.

There's a soul trapped in a pretty (champagne) glass. A female soul. She also has magical powers.

There are frequent screenshots of an art style reminiscent of the witch world scenes in Madoka (or vice versa, really).

There are references in the background and foreground of the scenes that use symbolism to relate the story. For instance, a set of stained glass windows features in the foreground of an interaction between two of the characters. Two of the windows are giant multi-colored skulls. I don't know if SHAFT came out with this, but it does kind of work with SHAFT's style. SHAFT produced Madoka.

There's an alternate world/dimension. The supernatural is involved. There is SO MUCH Christian mythology used... I mean really. It's just... wow... SUDDENLY THINGS MAKE SENSE!

One of the characters is a lolicon. A supernaturally empowered lolicon.

The single male love interest in the show is someone who is defined by their artistic talent. True, he's a sketch artist/painter, while the guy in Madoka is a violinist... but still.

The principle female love interest (the lolicon) damns herself by more involved interactions with the male love interest. Admittedly, Sayaka saves her love's life, while Cossette... I don't even know. Tortures Eiri every night? Almost kills him every night?

It's weird.


Most of the cast is female.

There's mind rape.

A lot of mind rape.

One of the grand total two male characters (who happen to share souls) is pretty much a murderous lolicon bastard. While Kyubey is basically genderless (as far as I'm aware), I typically refer to it as a he, although the characters in-show refer to Kyubey as an "it". I think it's the voice. Also: even ignoring Kyubey, there are a grand total of two major male characters in Madoka: Madoka's dad (who has appeared for like... a grand total of five minutes by halfway through the series) and Sayaka's love interest.

Another connection I can recall off the top of my head: almost none of the relationships in this story are healthy. Eiri's friends are not very good friends for the most part. They're kind of arrogant and ignore him. No one but Shoko actually does much when he disappears from his own life for the most part. While this reflects the current status of most people's lives... it's not healthy. Eiri and Cossette may be (at minimum) six years apart... but it's the difference between a minor and a not-minor. Eiri may not be sexually interested in Cossette (possibly), but, well... she's not getting older, and he's still alive. So he's gonna. Cossette's last love interest was a lolicon who murdered her and her family. Shoko's interest in Eiri also makes no sense for the most part, beyond the fact that [SPOILERS] she MIGHT be reborn Cossette. Or at least holding onto part of Cossette's soul.

Also, the reason Yuki Kajiura did the soundtrack for Madoka is because she did it in LPdPC, and Madoka's creator knew he wanted her for the part. It was beautiful. I WANT IT ALL!



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