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Firstly, I saw a commercial that bothered me. It was something about a dating website. It started with "what really matters? Is it 'hugs'. 'Kisses' or..." etc.



I think the things that REALLY matter might be (in no particular order): food, warmth, shelter, stimulation, and then maybe love.

Just saying. Personally, I'd take enough money to pay for law school over hugs from a boyfriend at the moment.

So this is going to be a long-ass post about Anime USA. Just warning you.

So on Friday I picked up my four passengers, squished all of us into my really tiny car. We then proceeded to drive to the WRONG address because the hotel is located about half an hour away from its address.

I don't get it either.

We finally found the place. Lesson learned from this: hyphens are REALLY important. Also, KNOWING WHAT HAZARD LIGHTS ARE IS A REALLY GOOD IDEA. Bloody idiots who don't know what hazards mean... BLAH!

Then I dropped everyone and the stuff off. And proceeded to spend about 30-40 minutes trying to find the parking garage because, even though we were all staying at the hotel where the convention was taking place, the hotel was full.

Yes. As far as I am aware, they were keeping people out of the garage who weren't staying at the hotel. I am 60% unsure on that. And they STILL didn't have space for everyone who was staying there.

So the solution was this: borrow space from a nearby university's parking garage 1.6 miles away, and give your hotel guests a shuttle back and forth from the hotel. That costs $3 per passenger, each way.

Yes. It was amazing. Also amazing was how I had to backtrack twice. Because SOMEONE had the genius idea to hand out directions that say: "You are at x hotel. Head east for .10 miles. Take first left."

From the current exit we were at, you can turn left or right.


... Like most of the stuff in the convention, I find this to be a "first year" issue, as well as something several someones SHOULD have looked over more than oh, less than once.

I put it first in my GPS because I didn't want to read something on paper while I was driving in the middle of a city. It took me to a construction site a block away. That is, in fact, at the address named. On my second backtrack, I followed the directions that said "it is located just past x street". It is ON that street. The street runs in a diagonal and goes through on intersection. The more visible street sign is on one end of the intersection. The garage is past the other end of the intersection on the same road.

So yeah.

After all that and I FINALLY got into the hotel about an hour after I'd expected (although at a little earlier than my worse predictions), I went to the Dealer's Room and looked around. I was very happy to discover a GINORMOUS table devoted to KPop. It was amazing. There were two people there. One was an older Asian guy and the other was a Caucasian girl who... was actually fully aware of what I was asking her. She was confused initially because she couldn't hear me say "Kyuhyun". She thought I was saying something else, and THEN she knew who I was looking for. Which was nice because I was getting those postcards for a friend and I did not want to get the wrong person. I was very terrified of getting the wrong person. That would be so sad!

I went into the Artist's Alley, which had some interesting art. I talked with some of the artists and spotted some time I was VERY tempted by, but I didn't get anything.

I will say this. There is one thing I was looking forward to and pleased to see: having a bigger and better location for the convention, as well as more take in tickets to the convention means that they could have more artists at the Alley. That means that there is a higher likelihood of better artists. And there were a LOT more artists, and a lot of really good artists.

Unfortunately, that also meant that there were some really, REALLY bad ones... Like... bad to the point where I wonder why they were even there.

I'm not being a snob here. I'm really not. If I know that "I" personally can draw better, that's really saying something. I doodle. I can't even doodle pretty. BUT I COULD DO BETTER THAN SOME OF THESE PEOPLE. That... THAT'S NOT GOOD... that's REALLY not good...

A friend of mine also bought one of the bad art pieces. It's painful to look at. I don't think too highly of her opinion, though. Yes, I'm mean! But she... well... she doesn't have artistic... anything...

Ye gods, I'm commenting on "taste"... what IS the world coming to...

I had a discussion with another friend I was rooming with and we agreed. A lot of the art was really bad.

On my way back into the Dealer's Room, I ran into some friends and we wandered a bit. I got a shirt that was Dalek Senshi.


It is amazing.

I kind of wish the image was a LITTLE bit bigger on a the GIANT WHITE shirt... but, well... it's amazing anyway.

I also found "Le Portrait de Petit Cossette" and got it for  good price. Ish.

We stopped in the normal version of Anime Parliament and it was funny. I put forward a silly case because no one else was coming forward. Whatever.

We wandered into the video game room, and then we went to another section of the Artist's Alley outside the Dealer's Room by registration and there were some nice artists there. One artist there was the one who's designed the cover art for AUSA for the last four years, and who also drew redrawn covers for the "Avalon" books I loved when I was little, that only finished a couple years ago. And her covers were so pretty and her ART... AGGGH...

So yeah. I fell in love with her art.

Pretty sure all I did for most of the evening was wander around taking pictures of lots of people. There were some great cosplayers there.

At around 8:50, we went to see the AMV contest finalists. There were some good ones and some not-so-good ones... and that Haruhi one from Katsucon that just... AAAAAGH... SO MUCH HATE... There were also a couple of interesting anime that I would look into, and some good music. We left in the 2nd to last section when it was starting to drag.

I eventually picked up my stuff and went to my room where I met my roommates, who were some interesting people. They got pizza and I ate some. It wasn't very good but I did donate a little to the cause!

I read a bit of "Great Expectations" before I took a shower and went to bed.

The next day I woke up... and then I went down to "How to Make a Webcomic"... which was actually interesting. I didn't know any of the artists who were being interviewed, but their stories were funny and interesting. They were fun people. One of the guys kept making faces when the people next door shouted. One of them was a married couple, and the wife showed up late. When she was introduced and asked if she had a word for us, she said instead that she was okay and would rather shout back at the people next door who were VERY LOUD and shouted at random points. So she got us to shout back as a group at the people next door. It was awesome.

Pretty sure I went walking around and taking pictures of people. I hooked up with one of my roommates, who was interesting. We kept separating to go take pictures of people and stuff. We found some interesting things around the hotel: they had several ACTUAL CHOCOLATE MODELS of things like the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital... a cupid... and so on. It was awesome.

A little after that I stopped by a Sailor Moon panel which... really degenerated into "who can talk about fangasms the loudest". So yeah... I got to see "Ami's First Love" from the anime and bits of the live-action stuff, and I talked to a girl dressed as Kyubey. She was nice.

I spent a couple hours writing and sitting and taking photos. I was REALLY tired (from driving and stuff and going to sleep at like 1:40 AM) and I'd been wandering around all day. And then I met up with a friend and we sat through two episodes of "Muv Luv Alt.: Total Eclipse"... which was cool and interesting a little silly. Then we went to Chipotle to get some dinner. I made the mistake of choosing to be experimental... and saying "put everything but guacamole" on there... THIS IS A BAD IDEA WHEN YOU HAVE THREE CHOICES OF SPICY SAUCE...

So it was okay. It was filling. It wasn't the spice - it was the fact that the spice kind of knocked out all the flavor.

We met up with some people and saw this panel called Disorganization XIII's Spoiler. It's something that involves, well... spoilers. Since there were a lot of screw-ups with the schedule... well... they ended up having an extra hour of time BEFORE they thought they were supposed to go on. So they went over some old stuff. Most of it was funny and amusing. Nothing was spoiled for me: the things I saw I either never heard of or already knew. Also, the one I was unfamiliar with but previously interested in, "The Wheel of Time"... was EXTREMELY funny... I didn't mind that there were spoilers because it's something on the WAY low part of my "to do" list... and I dunno...

There was a great "Evangelion" part and a hilarious bit about shounen. The best one was PROBABLY the "Kingdom Hearts" one which just.... it was so funny. My sides hurt from laughing.

Then I went to my room and talked to my roommate from school for a bit and then went back downstairs and participated in Anime Parliament 18+. Which was also hilarious. There were water guns, an awesome hand-crafted Voltorb that was ADORABLE... Also Vaginas. And a vote to enlarge P.E.N.I.S. And kimono jokes. I assure you that it was hilarious and in NO WAY taken seriously.

This morning I took my stuff downstairs and wandered around the Dealer Room again. I got a keychain of Charlotte from "Madoka Magica" in her pre-change form. Because it's adorable and terrifying and I couldn't find a plushie of her. Somewhere along the way the previous day I stopped by the cool artist and bought three AWESOMESAUCE buttons from her and a REALLY PRETTY print (I WAS WEAK!) and Madoka's Grief Seed.

Yes. I'm very very very weird.

But I see it this way: since Mami's wasn't there and the soul gems were kinda eh and the grief seeds were pretty... well... After Mami, I don't really have a favorite. And Mami is so fanserviced that I just don't know about her.

I really don't like Madoka, for reasons ranging from her personality and choices to the outfit she designs for her magical girl form.

But three of the moments for which I like Madoka at all are in relation to a grief seed. For starters, after the first time we see her grief seed, she sacrifices her leftover grief seed to save Homura, becoming a terrible witch herself so that Homura can save the day. It was sad and sweet and... interesting. It was also kind of really selish, but well... whatever.

Then there was the moment when she chose to become a magical girl to save the world. And then became the worst witch there ever was after saving the day. That was kind of neat.

And then there's the end. Which I only have vague knowledge of, but, well... I like her final outfit. It's perty.

So yeah. That's how I decided. Also, my friends had the others.

And then we waited an 80 minutes for the "we go there and come back every 30 minutes" shuttle to pick us up and take us the garage.


And then I drove us back to school.

So that's that.

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