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We watched "Skyfall" today. I really liked it. It had a lot of great acting in it and some rather amusing scenes.

Daniel Craig was great, as usual. His interactions with Judi Dench (who was awesome, as usual, death scene aside), were cute. I liked the aspect of the story where M and Bond had some moments. They weren't as intense as the reviews I read made them sound, but they were fun. His interactions with Javier Bardem were also great. There's a moment where they meet and... well... So basically Silver (Bardem) sits down while Bond is handcuffed while seated on a chair and talks creepily. Then he stands, talks some more, and sits oddly close to Bond. Oddly close.

So then he reaches out and starts kinda touching Bond on the face and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

So at first I'm laughing at the billions of fanfictions that were born in the moment this scene began, and now I'm wondering what's going on with this scene. For starters, I never heard of any Bond rape scenes (which was the first possibility that popped into my head). Secondly, it doesn't click with what I know of Bond cannon. Of course, what I know of Bond cannon could fill a teaspoon, really, so who knows?

Then I'm wondering "hmm... a rape scene is a little much at this point. What is the purpose of this scene, other than to satisfy yaoi fans and homosexual men who are in love with Daniel Craig"? I don't really mind them playing to their audience, but I already have an issue with a couple of the movie's choices, cinematic-ally, so I really want the rest of the movie to be good. I don't want this scene to be a waste.

So my first thought after that is this: "If this isn't a rape scene... maybe he's going to look at Bond's scar? If Silver is looking at Bond as a sort of younger version of himself, he could look at him as a son or younger brother, or even himself in the past, and thus with a tenderness. Or it could be just empathy: feeling for another broken soul. It's like looking at a broken doll and trying to find all the cracks." Which actually followed. Silver looked at Bond's scar first.


And then he proceeded to touch the other side of Bond's collarbone. And his face. And... a rather sensual leg touch.

And then Bond, rather than do what I expected, which was the "Woah dude, no homo!" (I really hate that stupid meme) like sexuality fearful manly men are oft to do in movies and comics... actually either played along or was rather honest.

The conversation went something like this:

Silver: "You aren't familiar with what to do in these type of situations, are you, first timer?"
Bond: "What makes you think this is my first time?" -insert grin-

And Silver laughed and they talked some more. And it was hot and adorable and hilarious and it brought a whole new level to my admiration for the growth of the franchise.

Also, of course: more fanfics were born.

I didn't know Ralph Fiennes was in this. He was quite fine. It was also amusing to think "oh look, Voldemort and James Bond are sparring".

I also didn't know Albert Finney was in it. He was in the last two "Bourne" movies, as well as "Amazing Grace" and so on. He played Kincaid near the end of the movie, and was awesome!

Ben Whishaw, who played Q, was also adorable. When he and Bond first met... billions of fanfics were born. When they met the second time... these happened again.

The world may never recover from all the fanfics resulting from this movie.

Some things I really loved about the movie, cinematic-wise, include the intro, the fight scenes (of course), and the story. The intro was a little less amazing than I was led to believe, but combined with the quite enjoyable song, it was good. I didn't completely figure out the storyline from it (like I was led to believe one could), but there wasn't much I didn't see that I couldn't have figured out from the trailer. For instance, the graveyards. And while I still like the "Casino Royale" intro better (the song was better and it was prettier), I still think that it was also still an enjoyable idea.

The story was enjoyable. It kind of dragged a little at times and felt random, but it was filled with moments of really good humor, a number of Bond cannon references even "I" could recognize, and some interesting character interactions.

Overall, I would probably like "Casino Royale" better as a film... but I think that "Skyfall" was more fun. Yes, the second one does not bear mentioning.

Other than that I've been steadily avoiding work. I'm trying to get up to date with SourceFed, read lots and lots of things and update my NaNoWriMo rather unsuccessfully...

Well anyway. Off to stuff!


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