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Nov. 20th, 2012 01:02 am
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So I did a lot of cleaning up of my YouTube channel. I had so much on there that was just... ridiculous. A lot of music that I actually don't like, some dead videos... It was ridiculous.

I've also been going through a lot of my computer files. Again. On top of clearing out the papers in my room and making sure I'm getting homework done.

I finally went and spoke to my comp sci professor out of class. It was actually really okay. He's a great guy, and I feel really bad for letting him down the way I am...

I feel so happy! I made a good decision today! Ish!

Well it was better than a most likely bad decision!

So I was really, really sick last Thursday. As in I puked seven times in one afternoon. I don't even remember the last time I threw up. It was at least way back in Elementary School.

The culprit could be one of two things: a stomach flu that's been roving my school for a while, or food poisoning from one of the eating areas on campus.

Now I do not get sick frequently. I still get the sniffles in the winter and I don't take being sick well. I don't think I recover fast or anything. But I don't think this is a flu, because I know that you don't recover from flues as fast as I did. I was basically sick for the afternoon, felt sleepy the next morning... and then felt fine, really. The stress and late nights of the past week could have contributed to the feeling of being tired.

Food poisoning is something you apparently recover from quickly. I've now had it twice, and I remember that I only felt sick for a day back then. I didn't even throw up. I just sat by a toilet for about three hours and tried not to breathe through my nose. Also, food poisoning was another recent problem from the same eating area in recent days. And I haven't trusted their food since almost immediately after I tried it.

I mean HOW does one manage to screw up french fries? HOW? (Without making them with sweet potatoes)

It could also be that I just ate too much. I felt that way when I was eating lunch. And I didn't feel hungry until dinner the next day.

So anyway: my good decision was to go to a different eating area because I would have gone to the dark side and got OTHER food I swore off for good reasons.

So that was fun!

I've decided that I don't care for Deadpool. He's not the type of funny I like. Especially if I have to wade through Rob Liefield artwork half the time and corny Marvel plots.

Off to read for school!
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