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So I'm writing this Yoroiden Samurai Troopers fanfiction/rewrite/AU/thought experiment/what-the-f-ever.

Yes, I am a really ridiculous person.

But I'm writing this story and a lot of it isn't planned the way I wanted it to work, although with a little tweaking, I could get it to work right someday.

But I am going with the flow for the moment, and right now I'm finishing up the Sarenbo fight.

There are a lot of questions that come up in relation to this series. I'm going to pretend Naste and Yuli don't exist, because that gets rid of a lot of them.

One I came across recently is this: the guys NEVER discuss going to a hospital. Ever. Not once in memory. They are CONSTANTLY getting into fights. They have scenes where they are collapsed from exhaustion and covered in wounds. Yes, they have mass magical recovery, but I mean... seriously? Football players retire young for the most part because they are just so BATTERED after the collection of all their games. They have accrued so many bruises that they cannot function normally afterward. Soldiers are the same.

Magical recovery is always problematic, even if it's used "correctly". A good magical recovery is "I fixed this for you, but you'll still be tired because I made your body work in overdrive" or something, anyway. Or "I healed you, but you'll always have a scar" or something. When there's been consideration for effort involved in healing. Healing takes time and energy. Your body works in overdrive to fix you. If your body isn't supplying that energy, then someone else has to. This is why characters who heal serious with a flick of their fingers are ridiculous. People are not boxes filled with liquid. We are sophisticated machines that require a lot of know-how and precision. That type of precision and focus to heal is hard and difficult to maintain. A healer should feel that burden, in proportion to their power level and the nature of the injury.

My point is that the guys should be showing signs of SOMETHING after all of these fights and all these times getting knocked to next Tuesday by summoning the Kikotei. They don't. Why is that?

The simple answer is that the armors heal. Okay. For such extensive healing properties as "there is no bodily fallout after so many healings", that is a LOT of energy that comes from... where exactly?

I get the magical healing thing. I get it. But these guys are HUMANS. They have all lived for over sixteen years as HUMANS in the 20th century. HUMANS have things called HOSPITALS, which we go to when we are hurt. At least once, someone should bring up, "Should we go to the hospital?" or "Should we take x to the hospital?" This is typically solved by the presence of Naste, who occasionally bandages injuries. Without common sense for the most part, but what do I know? It's not like Naste just RANDOMLY knows everything useful. OH WAIT SHE DOESN'T! She spends the majority of the series NOT knowing anything useful, being vague, and CONSTANTLY running into trouble and forcing the senshi to rescue her.

Here's another thing: until Arago and Kaos reveal the armors' origins, the guys NEVER question where the source of their power is from. And almost immediately after that they stop caring.

They have an endless power source (except in moments of the best drama) and they never. ask. questions.

Noooo, they'd rather talk about their FEELINGS. Particularly Ryo's feelings. He has more feelings and angst than the rest of us, you know, cause he's the main protagonist.

I have no issue with talking about your feelings. The guys don't really do it with any inherent sense, but I'm glad they're at least trying!

But I'm thinking of it from my perspective: if I had access to a powerful weapon that recharged without me doing anything and could heal any wound and give me superhuman powers, and was wrapped all around my body... I would be really freaked out. Sure, it would be cool to fly and jump high and such. But honestly? Once I'd destroyed a building or two, I'd probably start to get scared of actually hurting people. Which is also NEVER really brought up. The guys have no issue destroying property. In one early scene in the series, Ryo realizes that he's damaging the building where Naste's father is working, and then to fix this, goes outside, so they can fight on top of and in front of the building.


This satisfies him by the way. I mean, he still wrecks the roof and the surrounding area, but psh. He's not directly wrecking the INSIDE, which is what REALLY counts, you know!

"The problem with being able to do everything, is doing anything." It is HARD to do things when you have power.

When you have free time, you can get bored easily. We adjust so easily to work that free time can be terrifying.

When you have control over someone else's life... that is terrifying. One of the things that terrifies new parents is the fact that they are now responsible for another life. A life that will perish if they do nothing, or suffer if they do something wrong. It's similar to the situation between owners and pets and gardeners and their plants.

Power is desirable and terrifying. The first time I got behind the wheel of a car, I wasn't thinking "Gee, I wanna go drive to the other end of the country!" It was "I hope I don't kill us by driving into a tree!" Having a lot of money is terrifying. What do you save? What do you buy? Where do you put it? Who do you trust with it?

The guys do play with this idea of power as terrifying, at least in relation to the Kikotei. But it is so rarely touched on for the most part in the series. The general sentiment is "Arago is evil, so we should kill him".

Some things I would add to a series re-write (if a miracle occurred and someone magically picked up the series to reboot it): 1) mention of going to a hospital and an explanation of why this is bad, 2) the presence of someone experienced with basic first aid on the team (other than Naste because I don't like her), 3) a discussion of how the senshi knew to gather in Tokyo, 4) a discussion of how the guys got their armors in the first place, 5) a discussion of what they're supposed to do with the armors, 6) their thoughts on the future, 7) talk about their families, 8) a LITTLE bit more time for the guys to get to know each other, and more attempts to do so... and so on.



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