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So I'm reading through these papers from my short story workshops. Now flashes of memory from the workshop are coming back to me and I'm remembering comments people made and it's making things WORSE.

So for short story workshops you can pick one of three options: you can do a small collection of very short stories, a single short story, or a chapter or so of a larger work. The minimum is eight pages, and the maximum is ten.

So I have a couple idea that have been floating around my head, waiting to get written, and since I couldn't come up with anything else, I used one of them and wrote about it. Since I knew it was a piece that would require at least novelette length to do it any justice, I decided to put in either the first or an early chapter of the work as my piece. I gave the story a title, and then, in the same style and size font, clearly typed: "Chapter 1", and then the story started beneath that.

One of the things a LOT of people repeated was this: I WISH YOU'D COMPLETED THE STORY SO I COULD KNOW THE END. I'm remembering this because a lot of people also WROTE THIS IN THEIR NOTES.

Gee, I'm sorry I didn't FINISH THE WHOLE DAMN STORY IN THE FIRST DAMN CHAPTER. I'm sorry I didn't just SWEEP AWAY the whole PLOT for you after a whole chapter. Gosh, introducing a problem in chapter one like, oh, a WHOLE DAMN KINGDOM BEING DEVOURED and not immediately solving it by chapter's end? Bleeg.


I need to go to bed. These people are giving me a headache.


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