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So movies. Lots of movies. And music.

Over the past week, I've seen "Skyfall", "Breaking Dawn" (blech), "Anna Karenina", "Wreck-it-Ralph", "Tower Heist", and "Rise of the Guardians".

Of the bunch, I love "Skyfall", "Wreck-it-Ralph", and "Rise of the Guardians". The new Bond film was very fun to watch. "Wreck-it-Ralph" had a great story, and ALL THE THINGS for "Rise of the Guardians".

It was not as amazing as I wanted it to be, but it was still pretty good, so all's okay.

I listened to all the Florence and the Machine music I could get a hold of yesterday. I didn't like most of it, but I found a couple that were okay. I also listened to most of Imogen Heap's music, which I also haven't liked most of.

I also just have to say this: I made the decision yesterday to do what I did for Big Bang, which involves making a list of all the band's songs so I can make sure I've listened to them all, like I can say of bands like Clannad and Enya. I made lists for Skillet, Imogen Heap, Tokio Hotel, Owl City, Linkin' Park, Florence and the Machine... and then I tried to do it for Two Steps From Hell. I read the comment that they have well over 800 original songs in their arsenal. I thought "psh, 800, that's not really much"... and then I got to 220 and was like "WOW, 800 is actually a significant number!"

But well... whatever.

I'm also finally back up to date on NaNoWriMo! Until tomorrow!

I'm also... about a fifth of the way to being up-to-date on my class reading! Huzzah!

Only about... 400 pages to go... hehehehehe... heh... Tonight.


I read both of the "Le Portrait de Petit Cossette" graphic novels. They were kind of eh. The second volume was much better than the first, but that isn't saying as much. The story is definitely not the same: it's more of a quest story than a horror make-you-think story. The ending was less ambiguous and well... more depressing, because nothing is really settled at all.

Still working on getting up-to-date on SourceFed (it's very slow going... my watch later list is like... 3 months before when I started watching up-to-date videos that I've seen). I know this is COMPLETELY INTERESTING, but I'm putting off going to dinner because I can't decide which place to go to and where I would better spend time reading for class while not puking my guts out.

Aight. Ta.


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